Programmable Thermostat Features You’ll Like

To save money and energy, many homeowners are switching to a programmable thermostat that allow them to control the amount of heat or cooling air they use during the summer, winter, day and night. By programming the thermostat, a homeowner can reduce their utility bills to a manageable size to fit their budget.

Temperature and Time Sensors

Some of the newer programmable thermostats are extremely sophisticated. They are able to determine the amount of time the system takes to reach optimum heat or cool mode. Once this is established, an adjustment recommendation is made on the display screen to help the homeowner save even more energy and money.

Components – Digital

The newer programmable thermostats are all digital which are more reliable. They will sense when a room is too hot or too cold and automatically turn on a fan or a blower to help adjust the room back to the preset temperature. These digital thermostats also have a backlight which allows one to see the temperature, time and any adjustments on the screen, day or night.

Saving Energy, Money – Lower Temperatures for Empty Homes

When a family is absent from the home during the day, programmable thermostats should be adjusted to a lower setting. By reducing the thermostat between 10° to 15° for 8 to 10 hours, a homeowner will experience a reduction in their energy bills of up to 15% each year. This is a substantial savings from a simple adjustment that no one will notice.


Many new programmable thermostats have special features such as a remote control reminder to change the air filters which is linked to the dehumidifier. This is great for people who often forget that in order for their heating or cooling unit to work at maximum potential, the filter needs to be replaced every month.  

There may be an initial expense to install a new programmable thermostat into a home, but that cost will be paid back over and over again as the thermostat takes care of the air in both the winter and summer for a more even budget.

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