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Choosing Your MERV Filter: Do It By The Numbers

Furnace filters are used to remove particles from indoor air. Breathing in dust, dander, pollen and more can aggravate allergies and asthma. In Florida, when humidity or heat requires people to stay indoors, proper air circulation is important to ensure clean and healthy air. That’s why furnace filters are key to your home comfort. Read More »

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Need A Contractor? You Can’t Lose When You Go With NATE

Need A Contractor? You Can't Lose When You Go With NATEWhen you need a contractor, always be sure to turn to NATE. NATE, or North American Technician Excellence, is an organization founded in 1997 that tests and certifies technicians in four categories of expertise: heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration. Rigorous testing includes 21 specialties within these categories, so consumers who use a NATE-certified contractor can be assured that their project is in the hands of a qualified professional. Read More »

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Even Now You Need Your Air Conditioning — Insist On Expert Service

Even Now You Need Your Air Conditioning -- Insist On Expert ServiceYour air conditioner doesn’t just cool your home; it also helps to control humidity and indoor air quality — both a year-round must in Florida. Keeping it running properly and efficiently requires expert service by a trained professional. Read More »

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What It Means When Your Service Provider Is A Member Of The Air Conditioning Contractors Of America

When the time comes that you need an air conditioner repair, upgrade or replacement, you can find peace of mind in just four letters: ACCA. Read More »

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Upgrading Your HVAC System? Here’s Why You Should Look Into A Heat Pump

Upgrading Your HVAC System? Here's Why You Should Look Into A Heat PumpIf you’re considering an HVAC upgrade for your Florida home, a heat pump might be the ideal solution. Offering efficient heating and cooling, heat pumps are a sort of one-stop shop for home comfort and energy efficiency. What makes heat pumps so much more efficient than the traditional combination of a furnace and air conditioning system? The answer is in how a heat pump actually provides heat for your home. Read More »

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Maintaining Your Spa: Four Tips To Keep It In Tip-Top Shape

Keeping your spa in good condition is a multistep process that should be performed regularly if you want to keep your unit operating efficiently for as long as possible. Read More »

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The Geothermal Pool Heat Pump: How It Works

The Geothermal Pool Heat Pump: How It WorksNeed a pool heat pump? Consider going geothermal. Geothermal heat pump systems, which have been in use since the 1940s, use 25 to 50 percent less electricity than standard systems. Air-source heaters, the most common type used to heat pools, require up to 44 percent more energy to do the same job than a geothermal heat pump. Because geothermal heat pumps have fewer moving parts and the pumps are housed indoors, they are very durable and can last longer than air-source heat pumps. Read More »

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Solar SunSource Options, By Industry-Leader Lennox

Thinking of exploring the world of renewable energy? Thanks to the Lennox SunSource system, Florida homeowners can now enjoy a form of renewable energy that is free, clean, reliable and cost effective. If that weren’t enough, the energy efficiency of the SunSource system often makes it eligible for energy-based tax credits, rebates and other incentives at the local, state and federal levels. What’s more, an investment in solar energy can actually increase the value of your home. Read More »

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