Electronic Air Cleaners Can Help Keep Your Home Pollutant-Free

Electronic Air Cleaners Can Help Keep Your Home Pollutant-FreeWe can’t always assume that the air in our homes is clean and free from potentially health-damaging particulates. While numerous options for improving indoor air quality are available to homeowners, electronic air cleaners are especially effective, reliable and easy to use and maintain. They save you money by keeping your HVAC system clean, thus lowering maintenance and/or repair costs, and never need replacement filters, only an occasional cleaning of select components.

Electronic air cleaners use electrostatic attraction to lure airborne particulates. There are two types of cleaners:

  1. Electrostatic precipitators: Electrostatic precipitators feature two key components: an ionizing device and collection plates. The ionization element draws in particles, in the process giving them an electrical charge. These newly charged particles are then directed to a series of flat collection plates with an opposite charge.
  2. Ion generators: Ion generators, also called ionizers, do their work by releasing charged ions into the air. While similar to an electrostatic precipitator, an ionizer does not have collection plates. The released ions hook onto particulates and instill them with a charge that causes them to stick to surfaces within the home, such as furniture, curtains and walls. Ionizers are the most basic of electronic air cleaners and are available as portable table-top models, as well as units that can attach to the ceiling.

Electronic air cleaners can also be installed into your HVAC system. It’s important to note that while they can capture up to 99 percent of particulates, they are not designed to eliminate odors or gases. Also, due to the high voltages they use, they can produce ozone, the amount of which varies depending on which model you ultimately choose. Even at extremely low levels, ozone can react with common cleaning products, paint, polish, air fresheners, wood floors, carpet and linoleum and cause unhealthy byproducts that, for certain sensitive individuals, can be problematic, so it’s best to consult a professional to determine the best route to take.

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