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Solar Energy Myths Debunked

Commercial Solar Pool HeatingSolar is often regarded as the top green technology for heating and cooling pools. When considering what system to install for your pool heating needs, it is crucial to consider all factors of Solar.

Solar Panels for pool heating have limited effectiveness in the winter months when days are shorter and the sun is lower in the sky. The cold air tends to cool the water in the solar panels, causing the pool to lose its heat. Solar has a lower heat output, and often needs a conventional system as a backup heat source.
Unlike Solar, GeoThermal does not need a backup source -making it a more complete model of energy-efficiency.
Solar pool heating systems require a large physical installation footprint. GeoThermal units can be installed indoors and stacked, so it is possible to only allocate a small footprint for installation.

You can invest in the future of your pool by choosing the most complete model for energy efficient pool heating – GeoThermal.

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GeoThermal is the Best “Life Long” Investment

Symbiont GeoThermal Heat PumpWhat is the absolute bottom line in efficient pool heating and cooling? We can prove that GeoThermal is your best option for life-long efficiency and savings.

What method of pool heating has the lowest overall lifecycle cost?

There are three components to consider when answering that question: the expected life of the equipment, the ongoing operational cost and the initial investment in the equipment.

  1. Life Of The Equipment – Is typically much longer for Symbiont GeoThermal pool heaters. The Symbiont’s do not have coils that are exposed to the air (which may have corrosive salt/chlorine in it) like Air Source Heat Pumps. Nor do Symbiont’s have burners/heat exchangers that are exposed to the air like gas heaters. The Symbiont GeoThermal pool heater components are double protected, not only does the whole system have a painted aluminum shell, but the compressor has an additional protective and sound deadening case around it, even the coils have a thick composite case around them. Consequently, Symbiont units will typically last about 20 years in a normal environment, while other pool heaters have a much shorter life (typically 3-10 years) resulting in frequent change outs and down time.
  2. Operation Cost – The Symbiont operational energy costs can be as much as 90% lower than the energy costs of propane heaters. This gives ongoing operational savings when using a Symbiont pool heating system.
  3. Total Life Cycle Costs – Costs are less for the Symbiont’s due to the above factors of lower operational cost and fewer change outs needed due to the longer life span of the GeoThermal units. Even though GeoThermal pool heating systems have higher initial investment, they have the lowest long term overall lifecycle costs while achieving a comfortable pool temperature. This results in an outstanding payback on the initial investment, typically reaching return on investment within 2-5 years.

And the bottom-line: GeoThermal has the lowest long-term costs on the market.
You can invest today for a future full of savings.

For more information, contact us at

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You Can Afford GeoThermal

Stacked Heat PumpsGood news, GeoThermal is cost-competitive!
It is most important to consider how you can benefit from investing in GeoThermal.

Long Lift Expectany

With proper maintenance Symbiont’s GeoThermal customers should expect to get 15-20 years of service during the life cycle of the heater.

Why? Symbionts don’t have coils that are exposed to the air (which may have corrosive salt/chlorine in it) like Air Source Heat Pumps and they don’t have burners/heat exchangers that are exposed to the air. Symbiont units are double-protected, not only does the whole system have a painted aluminum shell but the compressor has an additional protective case around it and the coils have a thick composite case around it. 20 years in a normal environment far exceeds the life expectancy of other heating methods and their components.

Low Operation Cost

The operational cost can be as much as 90% lower than propane heaters. This provides our clients with savings throughout the life of their GeoThermal Symbiont unit. Another note on operation – GeoThermal is quiet. The second protective case on the unit acts as a sound deadening case.

Low Life Cycle Cost

Total life cycle costs are less due to the long life expectancy, years of serviceability and low operational costs. Even though GeoThermal may have higher initial costs, they have the lowest long-term overall lifecycle costs while achieving a reliable, comfortable pool temperature.

It’s Green

GeoThermal systems can often be built using all natural resources, like the fresh water lake behind your property.
“Disposal” water can be dropped in a lake, pond, river or creek- among other water sources abundant in Florida.

Consistent Energy-Efficiency

GeoThermal provides clean and safe energy using little land. GeoThermal also conserves fossil fuels and contributes to diversity in energy sources. GeoThermal benefits the local economy by avoiding the need to import components.

GeoThermal Customer MapThousands of satisfied installations!

Check out the testimonials and customer list on our website.

Contact Symbiont for an estimated return on investment when you Go Green with GeoThermal.

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