Is Your Pool Water Cool In The Morning?

Is Your Pool Water Cool In The Morning?

Following this long, hot summer and the passing of Labor Day, Florida pool owners may be faced with pool water that is cool in the morning. There are many ways to address this, one of which is by adding geo-thermal units to the pool. This will keep the water at a temperature that is enjoyable for you and your family.

Is Your Pool Water Cool In The Morning?

pool water cool in the morning Florida pool owners know they are lucky in the fact that they don’t always have to consider closing their pools once Labor Day rolls around. Labor Day is the traditional pool-closing time in many areas of the country. Labor Day, as many pool owners understand marks the typical “end of summer” and many pool owners work with their pool service contractors to get the pool ready for the long winter months ahead. If you’re not ready to say good-bye to summer and to swimming, but your pool water is cool in the morning, here are some options to consider.

Is solar an option?

Florida is the “Sunshine State” but even in the winter months, the sun shines for fewer hours and with less intensity than it does in the middle of summer. Because of this, solar swimming pool heating is not a viable option. When the days are short and the sun is not as intense, chances are your solar panels will not collect enough energy to heat your pool to the temperatures that you enjoy.

Are conventional heating methods an option?

Heating your swimming pool water with a gas or electric unit or a heat pump, will certainly warm the water. A heat pump relies on warm ambient temperatures in order to work effectively; this means, if it’s cold outside, the heat pump may struggle to warm the pool water. Electric or gas units are an option, but be advised that they are not without a cost — mainly a bump in your utility bills.

Is GeoThermal an option?

A GeoThermal heating system is not impacted by cool ambient air temperatures. A GeoThermal heating unit does not rely on sunlight in order to work and heat the pool water efficiently.

How does GeoThermal work?

GeoThermal utilizes Florida’s underground aquifers, which maintain a consistent temperature year-round.

The benefits of GeoThermal

This system will perform year-round, even on the shortest, coldest days of the year. It also performs, to help cool the pool water, on the hottest, longest days of summer. GeoThermal is the ONLY pool water heating system that doesn’t require a backup system in order to maintain the pool water temperatures you and your family crave. GeoThermal is “an indepent system that delivers the energy efficiency, integrity and performance Florida pool owners are looking for.”

Imagine inviting friends and family to your home for the holidays — especially if they come from colder areas of the country — and having a pool party! What could be better for a holiday gathering? Call us today to find out more about GeoThermal systems.

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