What Is Geothermal Pool Heating CEU Course

What Is Geothermal Pool Heating? CEU Course. Call us to schedule your on-site CEU session 

Licensed Condominium Association Managers are required to take continuing education if they manage a condo in the State of Florida. Part of the credit they need to take is an elective on operational or facilities operations. Sandy King, who has 32-years of experience in teaching and in pool heating is an in-demand educator who will travel to your location to provide courses that qualify for continuing education credits for CAMs.

“We can go to your site or we can teach a group at a trade show,” she says. “There are times I’ve been invited into a management office to speak to multiple managers.”

Why hire Sandy and Symbiont Service Corp to provide your CEU training?

Sandy is a state-licensed contractor for air conditioning. She also is required to take continuing education courses every two years – 14 hours. Sandy and Symbiont Service Corp. completed the state-required paperwork to become a licensed provider of CEUs. “I wrote courses once I received my CEU provider number.” Sandy and Symbiont Service Corp can write and add new classes. “If we discover a need in the market and if we have the experience and knowledge to fill it, we will add more classes.”

First Symbiont geothermal deviceHow to decide which class to take for continuing education credits

CAMs have myriad options for continuing education credit courses. Sandy says, “The way to best decide whether a class will benefit you, in your current job, is to apply it to the site you’re managing. Does the topic fit? If so, it will be beneficial.”

The “Choosing The Right Swimming Pool Heating System” provides a comprehensive history of:

  • Pool heating
  • Temperatures you want to keep the water heated to
  • Methods by which you can most effectively heat the water
  • The factors that go into choosing the right sized pool heater

“If there’s time we will do a case study for a particular pool or we will perform a case study for the CAMs and their unique geographic area,” Sandy said. “This case study will show the attendees what they need to know for their specific pool.”

Handouts, question and answer sessions and real-life examples are provided during the sessions.

Even if you’ve taken one of these classes before from Sandy or her Symbiont Service Corp crew, technologies are continually changing and the information shared changes to reflect that.

Why consider geothermal pool heating?

In the art of swimming pool heating, geothermal is a “very” green product. The life expectancy of the units is double other systems on the market. Geothermal outperforms other pool heating methods and doesn’t require a gas back up. “Geothermal is the least expensive pool heating method to operate. Geothermal also provides year-round pool heating. Some heating methods, like solar, work if you have a back-up system for those days when the sun isn’t plentiful.”

Background: Since 1984, Sandy has worked all over the state. She had a business on the east coast and moved to the west coast when she earned her oceanographic engineering degree. She earned a state license for air condition. In the picture above, Sandy King is pictured working on the first prototype Symbiont Geothermal device.

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