Planned Landscaping Helps With Heating And Cooling Costs

Planned Landscpaing Helps With Heating And Cooling Costs. How can you lower your utility bills — both heating and cooling — and add beauty and curb appeal to you home? Through planned landscaping! You can turn to your local garden center, your own green thumb and Mother Nature to help cut back on the utility bills for heating and cooling your Florida home. Working with a landscaper who understands how natural insulation such as plants and soil can work as natural insulation can really have an impact on the energy costs you and your family pay.

Planned Landscaping Helps With Heating And Cooling Costs

When you’re working with a landscaper to plant your way to lower utility biils, keep in mind that the insulation that your home requires is different in the summer than in the winter. When planting, keep in mind that the sun rises in the northeast and sets in the northwest — this means if you’re planting a tree two feet from the west wall of your home and in the direct path of sun during the early afternoon hours this will help keep your home cooler. The tree will act as a sunblock to keep the majority of the heat off of your home.

When you plant a tree, you can expect to reap the benefits of shade from that tree during its first year of growth. In five to ten years, the tree will reach maturity and will help shade the roofline and keep the home cooler. If, you’re planting for the shade of the summer, remember, though that you will also be preventing any warmth from the sun from making its way in to warm the house during a Florida winter.

Not all parts of Florida stay temperate and some areas get downright cool in the winter. If you are in the areas where it gets cool, add a decorative fence or shrubs to act at windbreaks to insulate the lower area of your home and help cut down on utility bills in the winter months.landscaping

Landscaping Goals

When you’re turning to landscaping as a way to boost the insulation factor of your home, you need to protect it from the heat of the sun, but you still need to allow cool breezes to waft through in the summer. The opposite is true in the winter you want to block winds and allow the sun to shine in and warm the house in the winter months. It’s best to work with a landscaping professional and tell him what you’re hoping to accomplish with your landscaping as insulation ideas. He will understand what type of plants and trees to plant, the ways in which to allow your home to get warmed by the sun in the winter, but shaded from the sun in the summer.

If you can plant and add to the beauty of your home while cutting back on the money you pay for utilities, why wouldn’t you!? Let this be the year you turn your attentions to landscaping as a way to help make your utility bills more affordable.

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