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Symbiont Service Personnel Build Career-Long Relationships

What are the chances that if you were given a brochure about geothermal energy — or anything for that matter — close to two decades ago that:

  1. You could still find, and
  2. That the sales person who left the information with you is still available?

hurricane recovery bucketBoth of those items converged in the career of Pauline Troutman, manager of Beach Point in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Symbiont Service Personnel Build Career-Long Relationships

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Let Us Help You Inspect Your Damaged Pool Heating Equipment

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If your pool heating equipment was submerged at all during the recent storm, we recommend that you have it inspected by a licensed, qualified technician to ensure the equipment is safe. Our own licensed, qualified technician, Jimmy Dietrich, recently sat down to talk about what the inspection process looks like.

When Jimmy or a member of his team is dispatched, the first thing they do is remove the electric panels to inspect any areas where moisture or debris could have gotten in. If moisture or debris is found, he will remove the affected components and replace them right away. Then he will inspect any pumps or other controls that may have been exposed or affected.

“We can help fix your pool heating equipment, too.”

From a safety standpoint, checking the ground is very important. Jimmy is doing a great job teaching our team how to do this.

If you need your pool heating equipment inspected or you’d like to combine an inspection with your regular maintenance visit, give us a call or send us an email. We would love to help you out.

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A Message Regarding Hurricane Preparation

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The week before Hurricane Irma hit Florida, we sent out a message via email and social media. This message contained recommendations and information to help people prepare for the coming storm.

Unfortunately, we are not finished with hurricane season yet. This is why I want to share the information from that message with you all once more.

The equipment we install for pool heating includes hurricane tie-down straps, as per the Florida building code requirements.

Also, we recommend that you turn off all high voltage power sources to pool heaters and pumps at the circuit breakers in case of a surge or outage.


“We are not finished with hurricane season yet.”


On our website,, you can find a list pertaining to water levels, chemistry, and filtration equipment preparation suggestions, provided by commercial energy specialists from Jupiter, Florida.

As we’re now finally able to take a breath after Hurricane Irma, I’d like to take a moment to thank all of the power companies who worked around the clock to get the power back on. I hope you and your families were safe and well through the storm.

If you have any other questions or would like more information, feel free to give me a call or send me an email. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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How To Fall Back In Love With Your Pool

If you live in Englewood, Florida — or any part of the state of Florida — chances are you have a swimming pool. After all, with the beautiful weather, high temperatures, humidity and copious amounts of sunshine, having a swimming pool is an ideal escape from the heat. A swimming pool is also a place for making memories with friends and family. When you look at your pool now, though, are you still in love with it? Has it started to look tired and well loved? If that’s the case our geothermal experts have tips for how to fall back in love with your pool.fall back in love with your pool

Steps that you take now, during the off-season, will make the next summer swim season that much more enjoyable. You can go big with updates and renovations or you can install items that may not be visible to the eye, but that provide myriad “invisible” benefits. Intrigued? Read on! Read More »

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