Symbiont Service Personnel Build Career-Long Relationships

What are the chances that if you were given a brochure about geothermal energy — or anything for that matter — close to two decades ago that:

  1. You could still find, and
  2. That the sales person who left the information with you is still available?

hurricane recovery bucketBoth of those items converged in the career of Pauline Troutman, manager of Beach Point in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Symbiont Service Personnel Build Career-Long Relationships

Following Hurricane Irma, Holly Howarth, Symbiont Service’s Sr. New Business Development delivered a Hurricane Bucket to them (the buckets had supplies to help with post-hurricane clean up. Pauline shared the story about having had the brochure in her keeping for fifteen years before she made the call to switch the building she was managing over from a gas furnace to geothermal. “I just love working with Symbiont,” she said. Pauline shared, “The salesman who gave me the brochure was still there when I called fifteen years later and once we talked, three days later our geothermal system was being installed. You just can’t get service like that.”

Pauline, who worked for Revlon and Estee Lauder before going into real estate the condo management, is 78 and is retiring on Friday.  She said she has two granddaughters who will certainly keep her busy once she retires.

When Holly delivered the Hurricane Bucket, Pauline insisted that a photo be taken with her (Pauline) and her assistant, Laurie. “She wanted a photo taken with a plaque that Sandy (Symbiont Service owner) and Holly had presented to Pauline years ago.”

When Pauline sings the praises of Symbiont Service and its geo thermal energy, she recalls when in the summer of 2008 she was the manager of a three building, 105 unit complex that was spending close to $50,000 a year for its gas bill. She had a geo thermal system installed and the gas bills were cut back to $5,000. “The geothermal system from Symbiont paid for itself in a few years.”

If you’re a homeowner or a condo manager or in charge of the heating and cooling bills for your business, give Symbiont Service and its geothermal professionals a call to see just how much money you could save with the installation of a geothermal system for your heating and cooling. Call us today: 941.474.9306. 

(Photo Caption: Long-time customer, Pauline Troutman (right) is pictured with her assistant, Laurie, with a Hurricane Recovery bucket that Symbiont Service delivered recently)

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