Money & Water Saving Tips

Water conservation is something that even Florida residents, who are surrounded by water, are looking for ways to attain. When you conserve water, the geothermal professionals from Symbiont Service explain, you are likely to save money as well. Water (and money) saving and conservation is important for the environmental and to decrease your utility bills. If you can attain water conservation and save money, it’s a win-win for your wallet and the environment.

Conserving water doesn’t have to be difficult nor does it require expensive equipment. Getting your family on board with water-wise behaviors, however, might be another matter!

Money & Water Saving Tips

money and water saving tipsSteps Englewood, Florida home- and pool owners can take to conserve money, lower your water bill, increase your energy efficiency and keep more money in your wallet:

  1. A leaky, dripping faucet can waste up to 20 gallons of water a day, each and every day it’s left unattended. This is wasting water, costing you money and can also damage your home if left unattended. If you think your toilet may be leaking but you’re not sure where, add some food coloring to the toilet tank. When you flush, if you see colored water in the bowl, you know for sure the toilet tank is leaking and you might want to call a plumber.
  2. Don’t flush anything other than toilet paper. Your toilet could get clogged if you’re flushing items like baby wipes, feminine hygiene products or even facial tissues. Place items. other than toilet paper, in a wastebasket.
  3. Write down the numbers on your water meter display. Leave the home or don’t run any water for a few hours. Check the readings after a few hours. If they have changed, you have a leak. Not all leaky pipes are visual, so if the meter readings are different, you might want to call a professional to check the system.
  4. Using low flow showerheads will save money and water. If you just don’t want to use a low flow showerhead, take shorter showers to realize money saving and efficiencies.
  5.  How much water does your toilet use to flush? If it takes more than one and a half gallons, fill a plastic bottle (a soda bottle is ideal) with sand. Replace the cap on the bottle and put it into the toilet tank. This will displace some of the water and allow you to use less water when you flush.
  6.  Wrap your hot water pipes with insulation. Wrapping will reduce the amount of time it takes to heat the pipes and will keep them warmer longer.

Once you’ve implemented one, or more of these steps, and find you’re still looking for more ways to save money and amp up your energy savings contact the professionals at Symbiont Service Corporation.

We want to educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems and the benefits of geothermal energy).  For information about energy costs download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

Symbiont Service Corp. serves Englewood, Florida and the surrounding areas. Visit our website to see our special offers and get started today!     

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