Get To Know The Symbiont Service Team: Troy Conner

Troy Conner has been with Symbiont Service for a little more than one year. In his role as New Business Development and an Energy Consultant his territory encompasses Southwest and Southeast Florida.

When asked why he enjoyed working with the GeoThermal team at Symbiont Service Troy said, “Symbiont represents a product that is very ecologically-friendly and I really like that,” he said. “It is also a service that is needed in Florida.” Why it’s needed is because, “So many people are interested in being environmentally- and economically friendly and using geothermal to heat the pool year-round is great way for both the people who want to use the pool, the organization that owns the pool because it’s better for their energy bills and for the environment.”

Get To Know The Symbiont Service Team: Troy ConnerGet To Know The Symbiont Service Team: Troy Conner

Sandy King, President of Symbiont Service Corp said, “SSC is so fortunate to have Troy on our team. His energy, enthusiasm and determination to succeed makes him the perfect fit for sales. I am grateful to have him on board.”

Why does eco-friendly pool operation matter?

“We work with community pool owners, condo associations, the YMCA and owners of commercial pools. Because of the research that’s been done on geothermal we know that larger pools benefit from using our systems.” Symbiont Service’s geothermal systems don’t consumer water when the heater runs. “We have a much-preferred product because it doesn’t use any fossil fuels to heat the pool water.”

What is geothermal energy?

Troy said that geothermal energy used for heating is a popular way to heat in the northern parts of the country. “Part of my job is to educate people on the benefits of geothermal energy. We talk about what it is, how it works and how they will save money using geothermal energy rather than relying on fossil fuels to heat the pool water,” Troy said. “We also like to explain that geothermal is a green energy product.”

One of the biggest selling points – well in addition to being a green energy product – is that those businesses that make the investment, find they reap a return on their investment. “After a specific point in time these systems pay for themselves,” Troy said. “When I meet with potential customers I crunch the numbers to give them an idea of the timeframe of the return on their investment will be.”

The geothermal systems last about fifteen to twenty years. “I did see one, though, that was thirty-one-years old,” Troy said. “That speaks to the quality of the system and to the fact that the owner was dedicated to ongoing maintenance and upkeep.”

When you compare the life of a geothermal system to a typical gas heater you’re looking at a gap of between fifteen to twenty years as a gas heater will typically last about five years and a heat pump has a life span of about seven to ten years. The investment made in a geothermal system is easy to see in not only the savings on heating and cooling bills, but in the length of time between needing to replace a system.

“The most satisfying part of my job is when I can design a system that helps a community get the benefits they’re seeking – money-saving, ease of use, return on investment, not having to replace the system as frequently as they had to when they used gas or a heat pump,” Troy said.

If you’re in the greater Fort Lauderdale, Keys, Miami, Sarasota and/or Marco Island, give Troy a call and schedule a no obligation appointment to discuss the benefits of geothermal. Troy has a background in sales and service and the HVAC industry. “I’m happy to come to your site and do a complimentary survey and let you know the potential for savings,” he said. “It certainly doesn’t hurt to look and talk with us to see if geothermal will be right. There’s no pressure to explore the option.”

Getting to know Troy: What do you do for fun?

“I love to scuba dive and throw darts,” he said. “The best place I have gone scuba diving was to explore a World War II wreck of the coast of Baja, California.”

If you’re looking for a geothermal survey for your business, call Troy at 941-716-1816.


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