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Why would you want to switch from a conventional pool heater to a GeoThermal heating system? There are many reasons to consider.

We recommend that you compare them based on their:

  • Performance. If you had a pool, wouldn’t you want to swim in it year-round?
  • Efficiency. You should want the operating cost to be as low as possible, which will give you the best return on investment.
  • Life expectancy. How often do you have to replace the equipment?
  • Reliability. Does it work when you need it?
  • Environmental impact. You want a green product with no negative environmental impact.
  • Life cycle costs. All of the above factors will determine the overall cost of having a pool, which you obviously want to be as affordable as possible.

There are even more factors to compare than what I’ve provided here, but these are the ones that should be top-of-mind to you, the consumer.

To clarify the comparison, when we say “conventional pool heaters,” we’re talking about three types:

  • Fossil fuel heaters: gas and propane. Because these heaters burn fossil fuels, they are far from environmentally friendly, especially when it’s cold out, since they have to burn even more fuel to compensate. This becomes very costly.
  • Air source heat pumps absorb heat from the air, but when the air is the coldest, that is when you need the heat the most.
  • Solar panels are powered by the sun, so when the sun is obscured or at night, a solar system can’t be relied upon. For this type of system, a backup heater is required.

With a properly sized Symbiont GeoThermal pool heating system, you have no need for a backup system of any kind—the system will do the job on its own.

The Symbiont heats a pool like a gas heater, but at a fraction of the cost. It doesn’t depend on the sun shining, and even when the air is cold, it continues to produce heat. Symbiont pool heaters are able to maintain your desired pool temperature year-round, whether you need to heat or cool the water. They are green, environmentally friendly products that are quiet, safe, and built to last right here in the US.

It is the most efficient pool heater available and has the lowest operating cost of any pool on the market. The Symbiont’s life expectancy is twice that of an air source heat pump and three times that of a gas heater.

When considering the low operating cost and the long life expectancy, the Symbiont system has the lowest life cycle cost. The return on investment makes your purchase worthwhile.

When you purchase the Symbiont GeoThermal pool heating and cooling system, it is the start of a long-term, symbiotic relationship with us here at Symbiont Service. We sell, install, provide warranties for, and maintain your system for life.

If you have any further questions about our GeoThermal pool heating system, feel free to reach out to us. If I select your question to make a video, I will send you a $25 gift card. I hope you have a great day!

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