Is Your Attic Insulation Sufficient?

Is the heated and cooled air in your home going right out through the roof? In many cases it is! If you have never wondered, “Is your attic insulation sufficient?” you may be paying for heated and cooled air for which you’re gaining no benefit. The reason for this is that in many Florida homes, the most neglected area is the attic. The home’s attic is an area that needs to be inspected when a service contractor is doing a heating and cooling audit.

is attic insulation sufficient?Many homes lose up to 25% of heated and cooled air through the roof simply because the attic insulation is not sufficient. When you consider that the cost of heating and cooling your home can account for up to 70% of all of the utility bills for the home you can see how substantial this can be and the bite it can take out of your family’s budget.

When you have the attic properly insulated and ventilated you can save money in both your utility bills and by being able to extend the life of your heating and cooling system simply because it will be running more efficiently.

The attic in a Florida home is usually small, but that doesn’t mean it can be neglected when you’re putting in a new heating or cooling system or when you’re having your current unit serviced. Did you know that in an attic in Florida that is improperly insulated the temperature can soar as high as 150 degrees? This heated air will travel into your home’s living areas and will make your air conditioner work harder and for more hours of the day to keep your home comfortably cool.

 Is Your Attic Insulation Sufficient?

When a heating and cooling professional pays a visit to your home to determine whether your home is properly insulated he will check:

  • The R-value of the attic insulation. If you need to upgrade it, consider spray foam as it is one of the best choices because it sticks to floor and ceiling joists without additional hardware. It is sprayed on in a thin layer. Spray foam can replace traditional insulation, but is more costly. Don’t discount the value of traditional insulation — upgrade yours if necessary.
  • Whether your home has solar-powered attic vents. Venting is crucial to proper air circulation and to save money you can harness the power of the sun to power attic vents to circulate the air throughout the attic.
  • Whether there is insulation around recessed light boxes. If there is, he will recommend removing it because it is a fire hazard.

A qualified inspector or contractor can recommend necessary changes to insulation and to the installation of solar powered attic vents as a way to make your home more energy efficient.

Keep in mind that the Environmental Protection Agency recommends R-values for attic insulation range between R-30 and R-60 for homes in the Florida Suncoast and that includes Englewood, Florida homes. Contact our professionals at Symbiont Service Corp., the Florida Suncoast geo-thermal heating and cooling specialists, for expert advice about attic insulation and other home comfort related issues.

We educate our customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For information about Attic Insulation and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

Symbiont Service Corp. serves Englewood, Florida and the surrounding areas. Visit our website to see our special offers and get started today!

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