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Cooling Your Pool

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Cooling Your Pool

It’s summer here in Florida. Temperatures are firmly set among the 90’s and as all Floridians know, the heat is nearly inescapable.

Florida swimming pool owners understand that sometimes having a swimming pool that is too “hot” to swim in is an issue. Concern regarding a pool circles around heating. Although at Symbiont Service Corp heating a pool is second nature with our Symbiont GeoThermal Pool Heater, we know that keeping a pool from getting too hot is just as important. No one wants to swim in bath water in the heat of a Florida summer day!

Luckily, the same exact GeoThermal system that heats your pool can function as a cooling device as well. Furthermore, this is all done without any extra, intervening mechanism to complicate the seamless and straightforward approach to GeoThermal energy. Cooling your pool is possible with the installation of a GeoThermal system.

In the winter, Symbiont units transfer heat from a natural water source such as an aquifer well or a lake and transfers it to your pool. This is all done without any commingling of the water, and in an entirely environmentally friendly way. In the summer, Symbiont units are equipped to reverse the cycle and transfer the heat from the pool to the natural water source.

Cooling your pool

Typically the temperature of a swimming pool in Florida during the summer months will be in the 90’s. So enjoy your summer and jump into a refreshingly cooled pool using the environmentally friendly method of GeoThermal energy and the Symbiont. Get the temperature you want when you want it!

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Is Geothermal Energy New?

The earliest forms of geothermal energy were present during the Paleolithic Period through hot springs. Although a natural phenomenon, the mere existence of hot springs provides historical proof that people, for thousands of centuries, have had some basic understanding of geothermal energy. The oldest stone pool that incorporates the geothermal method dates back to 3rd century BC. Atop Mount Li in China’s Qinling mountain range, this antiquated stone spa, the first manmade, geothermally heated pool, was erected.

Over the next thousand years, humanity would inevitably construct more and more public baths, all of which used natural, geothermal energy. This ranges from the historic Aquae Sulis in Bath, England, to the famous, ancient bath houses built in Italy during the span of the Roman Empire. Today, the world’s oldest geothermal district heating system can be found in Chaudes-Aigues, France. It was built in the 14th century and still functions for the district. It wasn’t until 1892 in Boise, Idaho that an American city used geothermal power for heating purposes.

In 1852 the heat pump was created. It was essentially an early prototype of modern geothermal air controlling systems. Unfortunately, this technology did not find ubiquity until the 1940’s. Between that timeframe, in 1904, geothermal power generators were invented in Italy as a way to provide electricity in households. These power generators, and their cubical shape that bears a similarity to The Symbiont, would pay dividends towards the development of geothermal energy. The strides made over the years have led to better, more efficient systems, but at its core, the way we use geothermal energy hasn’t changed. Whether it’s to heat a pool or cool a home, geothermal energy still provides a clean, renewable, and cost-efficient way to suit your needs.

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