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Symbiont has a reason to celebrate!

Sandy KingYesterday, our employees came together to celebrate a milestone. President Sandy King has reached 20 years with Symbiont!

Jim Howarth, Director of Customer Fulfillment, has been at Symbiont since its inception – he worked at Symbiont for 37 years. Jim was particularly proud of Sandy and said of her tenure, “Before Sandy arrived we had an awesome product, yet we never reached success financially. All that changed the day Sandy arrived.” Jim credits Sandy’s financial management skills to the success of Symbiont over the years.

As the President and Sales & Marketing Director, Sandy has worn many hats throughout her 20 years at Symbiont, but she has always been successful with managerial responsibilities. Sandy’s leadership abilities put her in an excellent position to manage a business, including the team of nearly 50 employees.

Speaking for the entire Symbiont team, Jim remarks on Sandy’s impact on the company: “Without Sandy’s leadership, we never would have reached the level of success we have today.”

20 years of strong leadership is a great reason to celebrate in honor of Sandy King, President of Symbiont Service Corporation.

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What does winter mean for your pool?

Tuesday December 22nd was the shortest day of the year, and marks the beginning of the winter season for 2015- but what does that mean for your pool?

While Florida is deemed the “sunshine state,” the winter months issue shorter days and fewer hours of sunlight.

That said, Solar Pool Heating becomes obsolete in the winter months. The days are too short to collect enough solar energy to get your heater performing up to standard. So through the winter months, Solar Pool heating needs to be backed-up with a conventional system in order to maintain desirable pool temperatures. Months of convention system use is costly and burns fossil fuels, sacrificing energy efficiency and the winter swimming poolintegrity promised with solar.

GeoThermal systems are not affected by outdoor air temperatures, nor do hours of viable sunlight limit their efficiency. Instead, GeoThermal utilizes Florida’s underground aquifers, which maintain a consistent temperature year-round.

GeoThermal will perform through the winter season, even on the shortest day of the year, just as well as it performs in the summer months. GeoThermal is the ONLY pool heating method that does not need a backup in order to maintain desired pool temperatures. It is an independent system that delivers the energy efficiency, integrity and performance Florida pool owners are looking for.

Florida will be experiencing high tourism through this holiday season, don’t be caught without a viable pool simply because the water is too cool for comfort.

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Did you know SSC is a registered CEU provider?

Symbiont Service Corporation is proud to present Continuing Education Classes for Condominium Association Managers:

Two of our classes currently in rotation are:

“What is GeoThermal Pool Heating?” 1 Hour CEU Class – This 1 Hour CEU class explains GeoThermal applications in Florida, including detailed definitions of GeoThermal and Heat Pumps. The class will explore water sources available in Florida, and accessibility to GeoThermal system installation. Then, engage in a discussion comparing GeoThermal Pool Heating methods directly against Traditional methods.

“Swimming Pool Heating Methods” 1 Hour CEU Class – This class includes a broad introduction to each type of pool heater that is on the market. Installation methods, prices, lifecycle costs and energy efficiency are explored for every method. This class concludes by revealing the “Greenest” technology on the market!

Mainly taught by Sandy King, President of SSC, these classes offer insight into modern Pool Heating options. Our classes benefit Condominium Association Managers by providing the facts about Pool Heating applications, with an emphasis on cutting edge GeoThermal Technology.

Sandy Teaching CEU Class in Florida

Click here to view the class schedule or to register!

If you don’t see a class near you, please contact Holly Howarth, our New Business Development Rep for more information on class schedules.; Cell: 941-716-1013

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Disney and Symbiont: Together

Disney Nature Conservacy

Disney Nature Conservacy


Symbiont Logo

GeoThermal Heating and Cooling have reached the Everglades – in the Disney Wilderness Preserve.

To protect and conserve Florida, The Walt Disney Company purchased land at the head of the Greater Everglades watershed in Kissimmee that was at risk for commercial development. Aside from maintaining the natural ecosystems within the Everglades area, Disney conservation efforts included the use of “Green” technology throughout the land and its properties.

In Spring 2015, the preserve’s Conservation Learning Center building was retrofitted to include GeoThermal Heating and Cooling. The learning center’s heat pumps were replaced with Bosch Thermotechnology Units – installed by Symbiont.
The GeoThermal technology of the Bosch units does not change the chemical composition of the land, sustaining the environmental integrity of the Everglades. Symbiont and Bosch’s collaborative “Green” efforts provide Disney’s Wilderness Preservation Center visitors and staff with comfort, while boasting affordability and energy savings.

The Disney Wilderness Preservation is yet another environmentally sound project that Symbiont Service is proudly involved in.

Symbiont would like to thank Retrofit – a publication and website that specializes in featuring retrofitting projects, for the feature.
Check out the article here:

The Disney Wilderness Preserve is a collaborative effort of Disney, the State of Florida, The Nature Conservancy and other groups.

More information on the Disney Wilderness Preserve here:

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Solar Energy Myths Debunked

Commercial Solar Pool HeatingSolar is often regarded as the top green technology for heating and cooling pools. When considering what system to install for your pool heating needs, it is crucial to consider all factors of Solar.

Solar Panels for pool heating have limited effectiveness in the winter months when days are shorter and the sun is lower in the sky. The cold air tends to cool the water in the solar panels, causing the pool to lose its heat. Solar has a lower heat output, and often needs a conventional system as a backup heat source.
Unlike Solar, GeoThermal does not need a backup source -making it a more complete model of energy-efficiency.
Solar pool heating systems require a large physical installation footprint. GeoThermal units can be installed indoors and stacked, so it is possible to only allocate a small footprint for installation.

You can invest in the future of your pool by choosing the most complete model for energy efficient pool heating – GeoThermal.

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GeoThermal is the Best “Life Long” Investment

Symbiont GeoThermal Heat PumpWhat is the absolute bottom line in efficient pool heating and cooling? We can prove that GeoThermal is your best option for life-long efficiency and savings.

What method of pool heating has the lowest overall lifecycle cost?

There are three components to consider when answering that question: the expected life of the equipment, the ongoing operational cost and the initial investment in the equipment.

  1. Life Of The Equipment – Is typically much longer for Symbiont GeoThermal pool heaters. The Symbiont’s do not have coils that are exposed to the air (which may have corrosive salt/chlorine in it) like Air Source Heat Pumps. Nor do Symbiont’s have burners/heat exchangers that are exposed to the air like gas heaters. The Symbiont GeoThermal pool heater components are double protected, not only does the whole system have a painted aluminum shell, but the compressor has an additional protective and sound deadening case around it, even the coils have a thick composite case around them. Consequently, Symbiont units will typically last about 20 years in a normal environment, while other pool heaters have a much shorter life (typically 3-10 years) resulting in frequent change outs and down time.
  2. Operation Cost – The Symbiont operational energy costs can be as much as 90% lower than the energy costs of propane heaters. This gives ongoing operational savings when using a Symbiont pool heating system.
  3. Total Life Cycle Costs – Costs are less for the Symbiont’s due to the above factors of lower operational cost and fewer change outs needed due to the longer life span of the GeoThermal units. Even though GeoThermal pool heating systems have higher initial investment, they have the lowest long term overall lifecycle costs while achieving a comfortable pool temperature. This results in an outstanding payback on the initial investment, typically reaching return on investment within 2-5 years.

And the bottom-line: GeoThermal has the lowest long-term costs on the market.
You can invest today for a future full of savings.

For more information, contact us at

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You Can Afford GeoThermal

Stacked Heat PumpsGood news, GeoThermal is cost-competitive!
It is most important to consider how you can benefit from investing in GeoThermal.

Long Lift Expectany

With proper maintenance Symbiont’s GeoThermal customers should expect to get 15-20 years of service during the life cycle of the heater.

Why? Symbionts don’t have coils that are exposed to the air (which may have corrosive salt/chlorine in it) like Air Source Heat Pumps and they don’t have burners/heat exchangers that are exposed to the air. Symbiont units are double-protected, not only does the whole system have a painted aluminum shell but the compressor has an additional protective case around it and the coils have a thick composite case around it. 20 years in a normal environment far exceeds the life expectancy of other heating methods and their components.

Low Operation Cost

The operational cost can be as much as 90% lower than propane heaters. This provides our clients with savings throughout the life of their GeoThermal Symbiont unit. Another note on operation – GeoThermal is quiet. The second protective case on the unit acts as a sound deadening case.

Low Life Cycle Cost

Total life cycle costs are less due to the long life expectancy, years of serviceability and low operational costs. Even though GeoThermal may have higher initial costs, they have the lowest long-term overall lifecycle costs while achieving a reliable, comfortable pool temperature.

It’s Green

GeoThermal systems can often be built using all natural resources, like the fresh water lake behind your property.
“Disposal” water can be dropped in a lake, pond, river or creek- among other water sources abundant in Florida.

Consistent Energy-Efficiency

GeoThermal provides clean and safe energy using little land. GeoThermal also conserves fossil fuels and contributes to diversity in energy sources. GeoThermal benefits the local economy by avoiding the need to import components.

GeoThermal Customer MapThousands of satisfied installations!

Check out the testimonials and customer list on our website.

Contact Symbiont for an estimated return on investment when you Go Green with GeoThermal.

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Pool Water Too Warm In The Summer?

It’s summer, but people aren’t flocking to the pool, as you would expect in Florida. If you want answers, first ask yourself – is my pool too warm?

Pools need temperature regulation, even in the hot Florida summers.
Remember, while 75 ̊ F air feels comfortable, 75 ̊ F water feels cold.

GeoThermal heat pumps use a water-to-water transfer cycle to cool pools, and water transfers are proven to cool more effectively than air. Lake temperatures are more consistent than air temperature, while wells have a constant temperature. Fortunately, water sources are abundant and widely available in Florida.

In a GeoThermal system, in the cooling mode, the pool water passes through an evaporator coil where the heat is removed by the refrigerant. The heated refrigerant is then carried to the source water condenser coil where the heat is transferred to the source water.

GeoThermal heat pumps “transfer heat” as opposed to the “heat generation” of traditional heating and cooling methods. GeoThermal boasts energy efficient operation, while also outperforming traditional heating and cooling methods.

With GeoThermal, you will feel good about cooling your pool for the summer months.

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Symbiont Joins Local Energy-Efficient Efforts

E|VESTEnergy efficiency is gaining traction in Southwest Florida and Symbiont is proud to be included in the local energy-conscious progress. Based off the long standing reputation of energy efficiency, Symbiont Service Corp. was recently invited to a Contractor Information and Training Workshop sponsored by the E|VEST Florida PACE Program. Symbiont’s President, Sandy King, attended the workshop on behalf of the company.

PACE Florida is a government-funded agency that allows for residential and commercial property owners to seek financing for certain energy efficient improvements.
The E|VEST Florida is a program platform developed by PACE Florida Funding Agency. E|VEST is the tool with which property owners can find financing options when implementing energy efficient, renewable generation or wind mitigation improvements to their properties.
Charlotte Desoto BIAFollowing the workshop, Symbiont formally joined the Charlotte DeSoto Building Industry Association (CDBIA).
Symbiont Service Corporation has also been authorized as a Participating Contactor in E|VEST Florida, a project funded by Florida PACE Agency Program.

Florida PaceSymbiont Service Corporation intends to do its first financing project with the PACE Program on “Building 2.”
Located in Charlotte County, Building 2 is located on the lot neighboring Symbiont offices. Building 2 will facilitate the expansion of Symbiont’s Headquarters in Englewood, Florida. With added parking, inventory storage and a show room available for touring, Symbiont will be able to better address the state-wide need for energy efficient Pool Heating and Air Conditioning.

All of the improvements and new construction efforts to Building 2 are going to be focused on energy-efficiency, coinciding with Symbiont business practices of remaining energy-conscious.

–Stay tuned to hear more about the specific improvements on Symbiont Building 2 and the funding through PACE for our newest commercial building in Charlotte County.

More information on PACE Florida Funding Agency:
More information on the E|VEST Florida Platform:

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New Employee Feature: Dave Patterson

Dave PattersonDave joined the Symbiont Family as a Pool Heating Consultant.  He is responsible for covering the South West Area from Parrish down to Marco Island.

As a Pool Heating Consultant, Dave meets with Condominium and Homeowner Associations, as well as Municipalities and Institutions (i.e., YMCAs & Schools) to assess their needs.  Then he and his team survey the pool location, make sure that the equipment is sized correctly, work up the price, including any sub-contractors necessary, and finally present a customized proposal.  The presentation is crafted to meet each client’s individual needs.

Dave has lived in the Englewood and Port Charlotte areas for almost seven years. Before joining Symbiont, he recognized the company’s reputation around town. When asked why he chose Symbiont, Dave said, “It was a good match, I had 25 years of HVAC experience that has countless similarities and parallels to GeoThermal Pool Heating.”  Dave’s HVAC experience taught him that refrigerant systems need proper sizing and have many different benefits depending on the customer’s needs.  His dedication to customer satisfaction has contributed to his successes within Symbiont as a Pool Heating Consultant.

Through his time at Symbiont, Dave has developed his personal interpretation of what a Symbiotic Relationship truly means. “It basically means that we are dependent upon each other and that we need each other to flourish. It’s a Win-Win situation where we are basically one.”

Following the Symbiont model, Dave aspires to help others save money on their pool heating bills and provide great comfort too.

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