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Geothermal Air Conditioning Provides The Best Of Both Worlds: Low Energy Costs And High Comfort

Geothermal Air Conditioning Provides The Best Of Both Worlds: Low Energy Costs And High ComfortIf you’re someone who likes to keep your home delightfully cool during southwest Florida’s long, hot and humid summers, consider a geothermal air conditioning system. These systems offer lower operational and maintenance costs than other types of air conditioning systems. Geothermal heat pumps tap into the naturally cooler temperatures underground, where temperatures sit from 45 to 70 degrees throughout the year.

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Air Conditioner Maintenance: Routine Maintenance Will Ensure Performance

Residents of the Florida Suncoast know just home important their air conditioner is — especially as the temperatures begin to rise. Unfortunately, without proper air conditioner maintenance your unit can use more energy than needed, decrease your indoor air quality and malfunction. Don’t ignore an expensive and vital part of your heating and cooling system. Instead, take action with preventive air conditioner maintenance. Read More »

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Looking For A Convenient Way To Clear The Air In Your Home? Consider A Whole House Air Purification System

Are you or anyone else in your family having trouble with allergies? A whole house air purification system may be the answer for you. These air purification systems work to clear the air throughout your entire home. Read More »

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Electronic Air Cleaners Can Help Keep Your Home Pollutant-Free

Electronic Air Cleaners Can Help Keep Your Home Pollutant-FreeWe can’t always assume that the air in our homes is clean and free from potentially health-damaging particulates. While numerous options for improving indoor air quality are available to homeowners, electronic air cleaners are especially effective, reliable and easy to use and maintain. They save you money by keeping your HVAC system clean, thus lowering maintenance and/or repair costs, and never need replacement filters, only an occasional cleaning of select components. Read More »

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Even Now You Need Your Air Conditioning — Insist On Expert Service

Even Now You Need Your Air Conditioning -- Insist On Expert ServiceYour air conditioner doesn’t just cool your home; it also helps to control humidity and indoor air quality — both a year-round must in Florida. Keeping it running properly and efficiently requires expert service by a trained professional. Read More »

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What It Means When Your Service Provider Is A Member Of The Air Conditioning Contractors Of America

When the time comes that you need an air conditioner repair, upgrade or replacement, you can find peace of mind in just four letters: ACCA. Read More »

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Solar SunSource Options, By Industry-Leader Lennox

Thinking of exploring the world of renewable energy? Thanks to the Lennox SunSource system, Florida homeowners can now enjoy a form of renewable energy that is free, clean, reliable and cost effective. If that weren’t enough, the energy efficiency of the SunSource system often makes it eligible for energy-based tax credits, rebates and other incentives at the local, state and federal levels. What’s more, an investment in solar energy can actually increase the value of your home. Read More »

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Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality When Allergy Season Hits Hard

With the falling leaves of autumn comes the fall allergy season and an increase in allergens such as ragweed pollen and mold. For many Florida residents, this means seeking refuge indoors in hopes of alleviating the suffering of such symptoms as itchy and water eyes, sneezing and coughing. While staying indoors during peak pollen times might be a good idea in theory, it fails to take one important factor into consideration – the quality of your indoor air.

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Ductwork Design Is Essential, If You Want Optimal Comfort

For optimal home comfort, you need more than efficient heating and cooling components. Though often overlooked, ducts play an essential role in efficiently distributing conditioned air throughout your home. In fact, if your ductwork is improperly designed, installed or sealed, up to 20 percent of the conditioned air that passes through your ducts could be lost.

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Heat Pumps Can Heat Your Pool, Too

You’ve heard about the efficiency of heat pumps in terms of heating and cooling your home, but did you know that heat pumps can be used to effectively heat your pool, too? That’s right, just as a household heat pump extracts heat from the outdoor air and uses to heat your home during the winter, your pool’s heat pump can tap into the free and unlimited heat of the air to warm your water. In fact, since a heat pump simply moves warm air instead of creating it via another fuel source such as electricity or gas, it is significantly more efficient in terms of energy use.

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