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What Is Geothermal Pool Heating CEU Course

What Is Geothermal Pool Heating? CEU Course. Call us to schedule your on-site CEU session 

Licensed Condominium Association Managers are required to take continuing education if they manage a condo in the State of Florida. Part of the credit they need to take is an elective on operational or facilities operations. Sandy King, who has 32-years of experience in teaching and in pool heating is an in-demand educator who will travel to your location to provide courses that qualify for continuing education credits for CAMs.

“We can go to your site or we can teach a group at a trade show,” she says. “There are times I’ve been invited into a management office to speak to multiple managers.”

Why hire Sandy and Symbiont Service Corp to provide your CEU training?

Sandy is a state-licensed contractor for air conditioning. She also is required to take continuing education courses every two years – 14 hours. Sandy and Symbiont Service Corp. completed the state-required paperwork to become a licensed provider of CEUs. “I wrote courses once I received my CEU provider number.” Sandy and Symbiont Service Corp can write and add new classes. “If we discover a need in the market and if we have the experience and knowledge to fill it, we will add more classes.” Read More »

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Did you know SSC is a registered CEU provider?

Symbiont Service Corporation is proud to present Continuing Education Classes for Condominium Association Managers:

Two of our classes currently in rotation are:

“What is GeoThermal Pool Heating?” 1 Hour CEU Class – This 1 Hour CEU class explains GeoThermal applications in Florida, including detailed definitions of GeoThermal and Heat Pumps. The class will explore water sources available in Florida, and accessibility to GeoThermal system installation. Then, engage in a discussion comparing GeoThermal Pool Heating methods directly against Traditional methods.

“Swimming Pool Heating Methods” 1 Hour CEU Class – This class includes a broad introduction to each type of pool heater that is on the market. Installation methods, prices, lifecycle costs and energy efficiency are explored for every method. This class concludes by revealing the “Greenest” technology on the market!

Mainly taught by Sandy King, President of SSC, these classes offer insight into modern Pool Heating options. Our classes benefit Condominium Association Managers by providing the facts about Pool Heating applications, with an emphasis on cutting edge GeoThermal Technology.

Sandy Teaching CEU Class in Florida

Click here to view the class schedule or to register!

If you don’t see a class near you, please contact Holly Howarth, our New Business Development Rep for more information on class schedules.; Cell: 941-716-1013

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Symbiont Joins Local Energy-Efficient Efforts

E|VESTEnergy efficiency is gaining traction in Southwest Florida and Symbiont is proud to be included in the local energy-conscious progress. Based off the long standing reputation of energy efficiency, Symbiont Service Corp. was recently invited to a Contractor Information and Training Workshop sponsored by the E|VEST Florida PACE Program. Symbiont’s President, Sandy King, attended the workshop on behalf of the company.

PACE Florida is a government-funded agency that allows for residential and commercial property owners to seek financing for certain energy efficient improvements.
The E|VEST Florida is a program platform developed by PACE Florida Funding Agency. E|VEST is the tool with which property owners can find financing options when implementing energy efficient, renewable generation or wind mitigation improvements to their properties.
Charlotte Desoto BIAFollowing the workshop, Symbiont formally joined the Charlotte DeSoto Building Industry Association (CDBIA).
Symbiont Service Corporation has also been authorized as a Participating Contactor in E|VEST Florida, a project funded by Florida PACE Agency Program.

Florida PaceSymbiont Service Corporation intends to do its first financing project with the PACE Program on “Building 2.”
Located in Charlotte County, Building 2 is located on the lot neighboring Symbiont offices. Building 2 will facilitate the expansion of Symbiont’s Headquarters in Englewood, Florida. With added parking, inventory storage and a show room available for touring, Symbiont will be able to better address the state-wide need for energy efficient Pool Heating and Air Conditioning.

All of the improvements and new construction efforts to Building 2 are going to be focused on energy-efficiency, coinciding with Symbiont business practices of remaining energy-conscious.

–Stay tuned to hear more about the specific improvements on Symbiont Building 2 and the funding through PACE for our newest commercial building in Charlotte County.

More information on PACE Florida Funding Agency:
More information on the E|VEST Florida Platform:

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We made it onto the radio again!

WSRQ GeoThermal DiscussionAre you not quite sure if GeoThermal is right for you? Lee Howell, CAM Manager, and Sandy King, President, discussed on WSRQ Sarasota Talk Radio last Saturday how you can save money by switching to our GeoThermal solutions.

Don’t worry if you have missed the show. We have it available for you.

Read More »

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Sandy King featured on CNR Radio Show Broadcast

Last night, Symbiont Service’s president Sandy King was featured on the CNR Radio Show Broadcast

Monday – on 1230AM WBZT Talk Radio from 6pm to 7pm
and on iHeart HD Radio Nationally and World Wide on the Web

Sandy King with Philip Bell

Sandy King with Philip Bell

The show, hosted by Philip Bell, was recorded at the newly renovated Waterstone Resort in Boca Raton, FL.

The segment began with Phil’s introduction, “Go Green, Go GeoThermal” – a motto easily recognized by those familiar with Symbiont Service.

Following are some of the highlights from the interview with Sandy King:

  • GeoThermal is an energy efficient solution for air conditioning as well as pool and spa heating and cooling.
  • GeoThermal can be installed in a residential or commercial property.
  • Symbiont has over 1100 installations across the state of Florida, “Coast to Coast”
  • A Symbiont unit has a 20-year serviceable life expectancy and Symbiont Service offers maintenance contracts.
  • Installation price is determined on a case-by-case basis.
  • A GeoThermal unit has 70-90 percent savings on operating costs compared to a conventional LP gas pool heater.
  • Consider the tax credit, any residence is eligible when they purchase a GeoThermal air conditioning system

The radio show successfully communicated the versatility and affordability of GeoThermal. Symbiont coordinates air conditioning and pool heating projects from start to finish, putting customers at ease. In fact, Sandy said that the company’s customer testimonials are the most valuable promotional tools for GeoThermal sales.

Call 800.881.4328 today or visit our GeoThermal pages to see how you can benefit from joining “one of Florida’s very own.”

If you missed it, you can listen or download the whole episode below.

Download as MP3

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Free GeoThermal CEU Classes

Symbiont Service Corporation is state approved for continuing education classes. Choosing The Right Swimming Pool Heating System is offered Wednesday June 18, 2014 at Bristol Management in Jupiter, Florida and Thursday June 19 at Associa Gulf Coast Office in St. Petersburg, FL.

Condominium managers: Earn your continuing education credits in a class taught by Symbiont President, Sandy King.

Register online:

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