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Get To Know The Symbiont Service Team: Troy Conner

Troy Conner has been with Symbiont Service for a little more than one year. In his role as New Business Development and an Energy Consultant his territory encompasses Southwest and Southeast Florida.

When asked why he enjoyed working with the GeoThermal team at Symbiont Service Troy said, “Symbiont represents a product that is very ecologically-friendly and I really like that,” he said. “It is also a service that is needed in Florida.” Why it’s needed is because, “So many people are interested in being environmentally- and economically friendly and using geothermal to heat the pool year-round is great way for both the people who want to use the pool, the organization that owns the pool because it’s better for their energy bills and for the environment.”

Get To Know The Symbiont Service Team: Troy ConnerGet To Know The Symbiont Service Team: Troy Conner

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Symbiont has a reason to celebrate!

Sandy KingYesterday, our employees came together to celebrate a milestone. President Sandy King has reached 20 years with Symbiont!

Jim Howarth, Director of Customer Fulfillment, has been at Symbiont since its inception – he worked at Symbiont for 37 years. Jim was particularly proud of Sandy and said of her tenure, “Before Sandy arrived we had an awesome product, yet we never reached success financially. All that changed the day Sandy arrived.” Jim credits Sandy’s financial management skills to the success of Symbiont over the years.

As the President and Sales & Marketing Director, Sandy has worn many hats throughout her 20 years at Symbiont, but she has always been successful with managerial responsibilities. Sandy’s leadership abilities put her in an excellent position to manage a business, including the team of nearly 50 employees.

Speaking for the entire Symbiont team, Jim remarks on Sandy’s impact on the company: “Without Sandy’s leadership, we never would have reached the level of success we have today.”

20 years of strong leadership is a great reason to celebrate in honor of Sandy King, President of Symbiont Service Corporation.

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New Employee Feature: Dave Patterson

Dave PattersonDave joined the Symbiont Family as a Pool Heating Consultant.  He is responsible for covering the South West Area from Parrish down to Marco Island.

As a Pool Heating Consultant, Dave meets with Condominium and Homeowner Associations, as well as Municipalities and Institutions (i.e., YMCAs & Schools) to assess their needs.  Then he and his team survey the pool location, make sure that the equipment is sized correctly, work up the price, including any sub-contractors necessary, and finally present a customized proposal.  The presentation is crafted to meet each client’s individual needs.

Dave has lived in the Englewood and Port Charlotte areas for almost seven years. Before joining Symbiont, he recognized the company’s reputation around town. When asked why he chose Symbiont, Dave said, “It was a good match, I had 25 years of HVAC experience that has countless similarities and parallels to GeoThermal Pool Heating.”  Dave’s HVAC experience taught him that refrigerant systems need proper sizing and have many different benefits depending on the customer’s needs.  His dedication to customer satisfaction has contributed to his successes within Symbiont as a Pool Heating Consultant.

Through his time at Symbiont, Dave has developed his personal interpretation of what a Symbiotic Relationship truly means. “It basically means that we are dependent upon each other and that we need each other to flourish. It’s a Win-Win situation where we are basically one.”

Following the Symbiont model, Dave aspires to help others save money on their pool heating bills and provide great comfort too.

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