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Featured Project: Oasis at Championsgate in Kissimmee – Part 3

Oasis at Championsgate and Drilling

GeoThermal Heat PumpsNow a great example of Florida GeoThermal Pool Heating and Cooling, Symbiont Service’s biggest project of 2014 – Oasis at Championsgate – was not smooth sailing in the beginning.
The project’s owner was committed to GeoThermal, but the geographical location proved itself difficult work.

The well driller contracted through Symbiont Service was working for months, struggling to find the right place to drill on the property. There was a lot of sand under the surface, but a rock formation, like porous limestone, is necessary to draw water up through the well.

Fortunately, Jim Howarth, Director of Customer Fulfillment, dug in and did his research. Jim found Eddy Hull (Hull Well & Pump Service), a local well driller with experience in the area, and contracted Hull for the job.
Once Hull came onto the project, it took about three weeks to get the three wells in necessary to complete the loop. The project proves shopping local is often the best route, especially when navigating underground terrain.

Now, the Pool, Spa and Lazy River at Oasis at Championsgate are successfully run on a GeoThermal system.

Symbiont Service is a family-owned Florida business. Shop local and demand energy efficiency – with Symbiont Service.

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Featured Project: Oasis at Championsgate in Kissimmee – Part 2

Oasis at Championsgate Kissimmee PoolFor the Oasis at Championsgate Kissimmee project, SSC was subcontracted by Weller Pools, LLC.

Weller Pools bid on the plan for the project and called on SSC when they saw the owner was committed to GeoThermal.

Terry Cicchella, a Pool Heating Consultant at SSC, considers SSC to have a great relationship with Weller Pools. Both companies, he said, are timely, organized and reliable. Terry was particularly pleased in committing to another contract with Weller Pools because he knew they would stay on schedule with the project.

Another reason Weller Pools chose SSC? They know Symbiont’s Service Team will always be there to maintain proper performance for the system. Symbiont’s Service Team specializes in GeoThermal Servicing, and they are quick to make any necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure customers’ heating and cooling needs are met. Symbiont prides itself on exceptional customer service in every department.

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Featured Project: Oasis at Championsgate in Kissimmee – Part 1

Symbiont Serivce Corp installed a GeoThermal Heating System for a large Lazy River, Resort Pool and Spa.

How did Symbiont get chosen to design the pool heating system for large Lazy River, Resort Pool and Spa for Oasis at Championsgate in Kissimmee?

Oasis at Championsgate EntranceUsually engineers around the state design City, County and University pools then they will call Terry Cicchella, a Pool Heating Consultant at SSC, to design a system according to their plans. That being said, usually the engineer drives the process and involves SSC after deciding GeoThermal is the right choice.

In the case of the Oasis at Championsgate project, the owner decided on GeoThermal from the start and included the energy efficient method of pool heating in the original design. Then, the project engineer contacted Terry who was then put in touch with the pool designer. From the beginning, GeoThermal was in the plans for the Oasis at Championsgate pool and spa.

But … why Symbiont?

Heatpumps at Oasis at Championsgate

10 units for the Lazy River and 6 units for the Resort Pool provide comfortable warm water year around.

Lennar, a nationwide developer, trusts Symbiont Service Corporation to get the job done and save their clients’ money.

SSC has done a number of projects for Lennar management, including one right around the corner from Oasis at Championsgate. Another SSC and Lennar community collaboration fostered huge savings! Once spending over $80,000 annually on a gas heating system, one Lennar community ended up saving over $60,000 a year with their GeoThermal system from Symbiont Service Corporation.

The Oasis pool is an example of one owner understanding the growing trend of GeoThermal. If saving money and energy efficiency are important to you, contact Terry ( or visit our GeoThermal Pool Heating page for more information about implementing a GeoThermal system in your next project.

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