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How Do GeoThermal Heat Pumps Work?

Did you know that GeoThermal heat pump systems have been used since the 1940s? They use 25-50% less electricity than standard systems and are environmentally friendly. If you need a heat pump for your commercial swimming pool, making a switch to a geothermal system will help your organization reap rewards on lowered utility bills.

An air-source heater is the most common type used to heat swimming pools and close to 50% more energy to perform the same heating task as a geothermal heat pump. Additionally, a geothermal heat pump has fewer moving parts and because the pumps are housed indoors, they are more durable, last longer and pay for themselves.

How Do GeoThermal Heat Pumps Work?

How Do GeoThermal Heat Pumps Work?

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How To Understand Heat Pump Ratings

Heat pumps and geothermal energy is a great way to bring comfort to your home and/or swimming pool and help your family reap energy savings. When you are searching for a way to heat or cool your home, choosing the correct heat pump to the do job is one of the most important steps in the process.

The geothermal professionals from Symbiont Service Corp explain the heating seasonal performance factor (HSPF) is one of the items you will become knowledgeable about when you’re searching for your perfect heat pump unit. Read More »

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Symbiont Services Recommended by CES

In the latest edition of Commercial Energy Specialists (CES) newsletter, CES Water Quality News, Symbiont Services was recommended for professional water source heat pump installations.

“Water Source Heat Pumps: Water Source heat pumps pull heat out of ground or lake water, and transfer it to the pool water, saving you thousands of dollars a year. Extensive installation makes the payback longer, but these units can heat AND cool, so you can have year-round direct control of pool or spa temperature.

★Pitfalls: This installation should be handled by an experienced heating professional (like Symbiont Services), as the well-drilling, directional boring, and DEP permits are beyond the skill set of a typical pool company. You will also want to watch your chemistry as chemical imbalances can destroy your heat pump investment.”

Check out the full article here.

For more information on Symbiont Service conventional Pool/Spa Heating or geothermal pool/spa heating and cooling, contact the service professionals at

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Selecting A New Heat Pump? Don’t Overlook These 3 Features

Selecting A New Heat Pump? Don't Overlook These 3 FeaturesWhen you’re selecting a new heat pump, you’re probably sifting through a number of choices. Our region has a high cooling load and these three features can help you save energy and increase your comfort throughout the year: Read More »

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Troubleshooting Tips That May Take Care Of Your Heat Pump

Troubleshooting Tips That May Take Care Of Your Heat PumpWhen a heat pump acts up, homeowners can perform a few troubleshooting steps before calling a pro. Most homeowners, however, do not have the necessary skills or expertise to attempt to take any steps beyond the ones listed below. If these troubleshooting steps don’t solve the problem, get the help of an HVAC expert immediately. Read More »

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Your Home’s Geothermal Heat Pump May Qualify For A Tax Credit

Your Home’s Geothermal Heat Pump May Qualify For A Tax CreditThere’s good news for homeowners installing a GeoThermal heat pump for heating and cooling their homes: Federal tax credits are available through the year 2016, and they’re generous. In fact, if you’re set to install a GeoThermal heat pump, you’d be foolish not to take advantage of them. Read More »

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5 Heat Pump Facts That Will Help You Choose Wisely

5 Heat Pump Facts That Will Help You Choose WiselyYou may feel like you’re behind the eight ball if you haven’t been fully briefed on the basics of a heat pump. Heat pump use is on the rise in Florida, with many homeowners converting their homes to the environmentally-friendly and efficient heating and cooling option. Read More »

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Schedule Your Annual Heat Pump Tuneup Now, And Rest Easy All Summer

heat pump tuneup englewood floridaBecause your home’s heat pump is one of your biggest investments, it’s important to keep it maintained and running at peak efficiency with an annual tuneup. During an annual heat pump tuneup, small issues can be caught and addressed before they become major problems. Read More »

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Heat Pump Operating Costs Leave The Competition Out Of The Running — By A Lot

The heat to warm your swimming pool is all around you. Better yet, it’s entirely free. Even on cool days and chilly nights, the air in southwestern Florida contains enough latent heat to be converted to more than 100,000 BTUs with an air-source heat pump system. Read More »

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Put Your Tax Refund In A Heat Pump, And You’ll Have A Long-Term Payback

Put Your Tax Refund In A Heat Pump, And You'll Have A Long-Term PaybackIf you’re considering upgrading your HVAC system and want an option that will save you money and use less energy at the same time, a heat pump may be the perfect solution. In spite of the name, a heat pump both heats and cools a home. As a bonus, it does its job in a more energy-efficient manner than a traditional HVAC system. Read More »

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