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How Your Heating System Works As A Unit

How Your Heating System Works As A UnitUnderstanding how your heating system works can help you increase your home’s energy efficiency. Winters throughout Florida are typically mild, but it’s not uncommon to want to take the morning chill away or heat the house during an occasional cold snap. Many HVAC systems in Florida are heat pumps, since these are the most cost-effective ways to heat and cool homes. In the heating mode, both heat pumps and furnace systems operate basically the same, although the fuels to create heat differ. Read More »

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Reduce Energy Consumption With A Variable-Speed Blower Motor

When you reduce energy consumption in your home, you are also reducing extraneous energy costs and improving your home’s level of comfort. A variable-speed blower motor allows the air in your home to be precisely controlled and circulated at various speeds, thereby regulating temperature control and cutting down on energy costs. Read More »

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Is A Heat Pump Ideal For Your Florida Home?

Is A Heat Pump Ideal For Your Florida Home?Florida homeowners looking to upgrade their HVAC system should consider a heat pump. Used in conjunction with electric heating and cooling systems, a heat pump works against the natural flow of air by forcing cool air to turn into warm through a series of heating and cooling operations. First, a coil of  refrigerant is heated until it turns into vapor, which is then pressurized in a compressor. The vapor is sent through a condenser where cold air is blown over the coil. The vapor cools back to a liquid state and the air warmed by the process is sent through the ductwork of the house. The process repeats, keeping the house warm. Read More »

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HSPF: Why This Rating Matters When You’re Buying A Heat Pump

When searching for a new heat pump for your house, you need to make sure you purchase the right kind that will bring ideal comfort and energy savings to your home. Using the HSPF — heating seasonal performance factor — to compare different pumps is the best way to find the perfect unit for your home. Read More »

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Upgrading Your HVAC System? Here’s Why You Should Look Into A Heat Pump

Upgrading Your HVAC System? Here's Why You Should Look Into A Heat PumpIf you’re considering an HVAC upgrade for your Florida home, a heat pump might be the ideal solution. Offering efficient heating and cooling, heat pumps are a sort of one-stop shop for home comfort and energy efficiency. What makes heat pumps so much more efficient than the traditional combination of a furnace and air conditioning system? The answer is in how a heat pump actually provides heat for your home. Read More »

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The Geothermal Pool Heat Pump: How It Works

The Geothermal Pool Heat Pump: How It WorksNeed a pool heat pump? Consider going geothermal. Geothermal heat pump systems, which have been in use since the 1940s, use 25 to 50 percent less electricity than standard systems. Air-source heaters, the most common type used to heat pools, require up to 44 percent more energy to do the same job than a geothermal heat pump. Because geothermal heat pumps have fewer moving parts and the pumps are housed indoors, they are very durable and can last longer than air-source heat pumps. Read More »

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Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality When Allergy Season Hits Hard

With the falling leaves of autumn comes the fall allergy season and an increase in allergens such as ragweed pollen and mold. For many Florida residents, this means seeking refuge indoors in hopes of alleviating the suffering of such symptoms as itchy and water eyes, sneezing and coughing. While staying indoors during peak pollen times might be a good idea in theory, it fails to take one important factor into consideration – the quality of your indoor air.

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Ductwork Design Is Essential, If You Want Optimal Comfort

For optimal home comfort, you need more than efficient heating and cooling components. Though often overlooked, ducts play an essential role in efficiently distributing conditioned air throughout your home. In fact, if your ductwork is improperly designed, installed or sealed, up to 20 percent of the conditioned air that passes through your ducts could be lost.

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Heat Pumps Can Heat Your Pool, Too

You’ve heard about the efficiency of heat pumps in terms of heating and cooling your home, but did you know that heat pumps can be used to effectively heat your pool, too? That’s right, just as a household heat pump extracts heat from the outdoor air and uses to heat your home during the winter, your pool’s heat pump can tap into the free and unlimited heat of the air to warm your water. In fact, since a heat pump simply moves warm air instead of creating it via another fuel source such as electricity or gas, it is significantly more efficient in terms of energy use.

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When Your Air Conditioner’s Motor Can Adjust Speed, Watch Energy Savings Climb

If you’re like most Florida homeowners, cutting your air conditioning costs is a top priority. While there are many factors at play when it comes to the efficiency of your air conditioner, there is one that most homeowners tend to overlook – A/C motor efficiency.

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