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Geothermal Systems: 3 Guiding Factors That Will Green-Light Your Project

Geothermal Systems: 3 Guiding Factors That Will Green-Light Your ProjectGeothermal systems, which are designed to take advantage of the natural heat found just below the surface of the Earth, are not only economical to operate, but are environmentally friendly as well. Together, these two factors have more homeowners than ever opting to use geothermal heat in their homes. Read More »

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Heat Pump Troubleshooting: Know When To Call For Help

If your heater isn’t working properly, the problem might be your heat pump. Heat pump troubleshooting can help you pin down the issue and possibly fix it. Some problems with the heat pump, however, are better left to a professional.  Read More »

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How Your Heating System Works As A Unit

How Your Heating System Works As A UnitUnderstanding how your heating system works can help you increase your home’s energy efficiency. Winters throughout Florida are typically mild, but it’s not uncommon to want to take the morning chill away or heat the house during an occasional cold snap. Many HVAC systems in Florida are heat pumps, since these are the most cost-effective ways to heat and cool homes. In the heating mode, both heat pumps and furnace systems operate basically the same, although the fuels to create heat differ. Read More »

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Reduce Energy Consumption With A Variable-Speed Blower Motor

When you reduce energy consumption in your home, you are also reducing extraneous energy costs and improving your home’s level of comfort. A variable-speed blower motor allows the air in your home to be precisely controlled and circulated at various speeds, thereby regulating temperature control and cutting down on energy costs. Read More »

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Heat Pumps Can Heat Your Pool, Too

You’ve heard about the efficiency of heat pumps in terms of heating and cooling your home, but did you know that heat pumps can be used to effectively heat your pool, too? That’s right, just as a household heat pump extracts heat from the outdoor air and uses to heat your home during the winter, your pool’s heat pump can tap into the free and unlimited heat of the air to warm your water. In fact, since a heat pump simply moves warm air instead of creating it via another fuel source such as electricity or gas, it is significantly more efficient in terms of energy use.

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Practical Tips That Make Home Comfort And Savings A Priority

Discussions of home ownership usually turn to ways that homeowners can save money. However, most homeowners usually frame the discussion as a conflict between savings and home comfort, assuming that each dollar saved comes at the expense of some physical discomfort they must endure. Fortunately for residential property owners, there are a number of effective energy-saving tips and tricks that allow for home comfort while still protecting you from outrageous energy bills. Being aware of some of these techniques is a great way to live an environmentally-conscious lifestyle while still enjoying your home comfort and the benefits of modern appliances.

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Home Advisor’s Tips For Energy Savings: Use Them And Watch Your Savings Increase

At Symbiont Service Corp., energy savings have long been one of our core values and one of the main benefits we give our customers. To help our Englewood-area neighbors save energy (and save money on utility bills), we offer up these energy savings tips for Florida residents from the federal Energy Star program’s Home Advisor:

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