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Should I Get A High Efficiency Air Conditioning System

Should I Get A High Efficiency Air Conditioning System

Homeowners and business owners in Florida will ask themselves, “Should I get a high efficiency air conditioning system?” when they are shopping for a new build or a replacement unit for their home or business. At Symbiont Service Corp, we urge our customers to “take a long-term approach” when making a decision.

Here are a few things to consider:

  1.  An air conditioner may cost less to install, but it doesn’t mean you’ll save money in the long run, in fact, the opposite is quite often true.
  2. The air conditioner chosen impacts electric bills for decades.
  3. Check the energy efficiency of various models as they are not all created equally.

Most high high efficiency air conditioning systems have a higher price point but the return on your investment in the long run of operating the unit during a sultry Florida summer needs to be considered. Ask the retailer for a breakdown and comparison on the initial cost of the unit versus the overall long-term use operating costs.

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Why Changing Air Filters Will Boost A/C Performance–No Matter What Type Of System You Have

There’s probably no more important part of air conditioners than the air filter. A filter protects the air handler from airborne particles in your home and has an impact on the life of outdoor compressor, as well. Dirt is a contributing factor to air conditioning failure and one that’s completely avoidable with routine filter maintenance. Even window and portable air conditioners perform inadequately over if the filters get too dirty.   Read More »

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Air Conditioner Maintenance: Routine Maintenance Will Ensure Performance

Residents of the Florida Suncoast know just home important their air conditioner is — especially as the temperatures begin to rise. Unfortunately, without proper air conditioner maintenance your unit can use more energy than needed, decrease your indoor air quality and malfunction. Don’t ignore an expensive and vital part of your heating and cooling system. Instead, take action with preventive air conditioner maintenance. Read More »

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Electronic Air Cleaning Provides A Breath Of Fresh Air

Many Florida homeowners suffer from poor indoor air quality. Florida residents tend to keep doors and windows sealed to hold conditioned air in, inadvertently trapping unhealthy air pollution indoors. If you notice poor indoor air quality or tend to keep your home sealed up to hold air conditioning in, consider an electronic air cleaner to improve your home’s air quality. Read More »

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The SEER Rating And The Energy Star Label: Look For Them When You’re Buying Your New A/C

In Florida, our A/C systems work overtime a large part of the year. Eventually, even the most reliable air conditioner needs to be replaced. If you’re in that situation, or you think you will be in the near future, you’ll need to keep some factors in mind as you look for a new system.

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Will Your A/C System Last Until Fall? Our “Repair Or Replace” Advice

Is your old air conditioning system on its last legs?

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Know What’s Involved In A Professional Energy Evaluation

Many homeowners are interested in making their home more energy efficient but have no idea where to begin. Because our hot and muggy Florida climate means our air conditioners work much harder than those in other parts of the country, it’s vital to make sure our homes are as energy efficient as possible. 

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