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Does An Attached Garage Impact Indoor Air?

An attached garage is an ideal addition to a home — especially in Englewood, Florida. An attached garage allows you to park your car in out of the heat and the elements and lets you easily carry groceries or other items from the car to the house without having to brave the elements yourself. Have you ever wondered, “does an attached garade impact indoor air quality?” It might.indoor air quality

With an attached garage, any item — air or debris — that gets into the garage can more easily enter your home. This can be an issue especially if you store chemicals in the car. When you have an attached garage, you want to refrain from running your vehicle in the garage as this can fill your home with vehicle exhaust and dangerous air pollutants.

Improve the indoor air quality of your Florida home when you make changes to your attached garage:

Does An Attached Garage Impact Indoor Air?

  • When possible, keep the garage door opened so fresh air can get in and contaminated air can escape. Keep the windows open as well to allow for air circulation.
  • Don’t ever run the vehicle in the garage — especially with the door closed. When you do this you will be allowing a build up of carbon monoxide and other emossions from the vehicle into the car and the house.
  • Contaminants, cleaning products and chemicals shouldn’t be stored in an attached garage. Store chemicals, including: pesticides, chemicals, paint, gasoline, cleaning items and other unhealthy materials in a separate storage unit. If you don’t have access to an additional storage area, store harmful chemicals in a clearly marked airtight container.
  • Store lawnmowers in a separate storage area if possible.
  • Adding an ehaust fan to the garage will help remove harmful emissions and keep the air quality higher in the garage and in your home as well. This is especially important if you don’t have a separate storage area for the lawnmower and chemicals.
  • Make certain your house and attached garage are sealed and that any adjoining walls are pr0perly sealed as well. If your attached garage is unfinished, add insulation and drywall between the house and the garage; this will provide a barrier to air pollutants and keep them from entering the home.

We have tips on how homeowners in Englewood, Florida can improve their home’s indoor air quality. Contact us for indoor air quality, geothermal or HVAC questions at Symbiont Service Corp.

We educate customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For information about indoor air quality and other HVAC topics, download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

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Changing The HVAC Filter: Your Cooling And Heating System Depends On It

Changing The HVAC Filter: Your Cooling And Heating System Depends On ItThough it’s one of the simplest ways for Suncoast homeowners to improve home comfort and efficiency, changing the HVAC filter is often overlooked. It may seem like a small detail, but you may be surprised to learn how much of an impact these filters have on your heating and cooling systems. Here are three reasons why changing the HVAC filters should take precedence. Read More »

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3 Reasons Why You May Need An Air-Purification System

3 Reasons Why You May Need An Air-Purification SystemAn air-purification system can be a boon to the respiratory health of you and your family. These systems are designed to neutralize and eliminate microscopic pollutants in your home’s indoor air, helping you avoid the many health problems than can result from prolonged exposure to indoor air pollution. Read More »

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HEPA Filtration: Take Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality To New Levels

HEPA Filtration: Take Your Home's Indoor Air Quality To New LevelsStaying indoors may not be the best strategy for avoiding airborne organic allergens and microorganisms. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency reports that indoor air quality may be many times more polluted than the great outdoors. It’s not hard to believe. Homeowners have spent the last few decades making their homes airtight and energy efficient. But those lower utility costs came with a downside: Well-sealed homes also accumulate dust and other contaminants, exposing residents to concentrated doses with every breath. Read More »

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MERV: How To Navigate Efficiency Ratings To Improve HVAC Performance, Indoor Air Quality

MERV: How To Navigate Efficiency Ratings To Improve HVAC Performance, Indoor Air QualityWhen choosing a replacement air filter for your heating and cooling system, there is one essential thing you need to check: MERV (minimum efficiency reporting value). MERV measures overall air filter efficiency, with rating numbers from 1 to 16. The higher the MERV number, the more airborne matter the filter will trap.

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Why Changing Air Filters Will Boost A/C Performance–No Matter What Type Of System You Have

There’s probably no more important part of air conditioners than the air filter. A filter protects the air handler from airborne particles in your home and has an impact on the life of outdoor compressor, as well. Dirt is a contributing factor to air conditioning failure and one that’s completely avoidable with routine filter maintenance. Even window and portable air conditioners perform inadequately over if the filters get too dirty.   Read More »

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Electronic Air Cleaning Provides A Breath Of Fresh Air

Many Florida homeowners suffer from poor indoor air quality. Florida residents tend to keep doors and windows sealed to hold conditioned air in, inadvertently trapping unhealthy air pollution indoors. If you notice poor indoor air quality or tend to keep your home sealed up to hold air conditioning in, consider an electronic air cleaner to improve your home’s air quality. Read More »

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Air Filters: Just Because It’s Winter In Florida, Don’t Think That They Get A Break

Air Filters: Just Because It's Winter In Florida, Don't Think That They Get A BreakIt may be winter in Florida, but that doesn’t mean your air filter should be off duty. Indoor air quality is a year-round concern, and your air filters are your first line of defense in the fight. Read More »

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A Little Effort Goes A Long Way … When You Change Your Air Filters Regularly

Interested in improving the efficiency of your HVAC system? A little effort goes a long way, and routinely checking your air filters can give your system the efficiency boost it needs to improve comfort at home and reduce energy costs.

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How UV Lights Improve Your Home’s Inside Air Quality: Defense Resources

UV lights can play an important role in your defense against low indoor air quality and the health problems caused by continuous exposure to the pollutants and impurities that lurk in indoor air. Dust mites, pet dander, secondhand smoke, bacteria, viruses and dangerous gases like radon and carbon monoxide can all cause health problems, and UV lights are excellent at helping you remove some of these problems.

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