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Dinner On Us Winner Announced

Denise was the winner of the Dinner On Us Giveaway. Congratulations!

Keep checking back as we will be hosting future giveaways and drawings!
Dinner On Us Winner

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Symbiont Service Team Member Appointed To CFHLA

Symbiont Service Team Member Appointed To CFHLA 

Holly HowarthHolly Howarth, a long-time member of our staff has been appointed to the Central Florida Hotel, Timeshare & Lodging Association (CFHLA) as an Allied Member of The Month for September 2016.

“We’re very proud of Holly for receiving this honor,” Rick Krieger, director of finance said.

She was appointed an Allied Member of the Month “in recognition of prior participation on our committees and for commitment to the goals and objectives of the Association.” Read More »

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You Can Afford GeoThermal

Stacked Heat PumpsGood news, GeoThermal is cost-competitive!
It is most important to consider how you can benefit from investing in GeoThermal.

Long Lift Expectany

With proper maintenance Symbiont’s GeoThermal customers should expect to get 15-20 years of service during the life cycle of the heater.

Why? Symbionts don’t have coils that are exposed to the air (which may have corrosive salt/chlorine in it) like Air Source Heat Pumps and they don’t have burners/heat exchangers that are exposed to the air. Symbiont units are double-protected, not only does the whole system have a painted aluminum shell but the compressor has an additional protective case around it and the coils have a thick composite case around it. 20 years in a normal environment far exceeds the life expectancy of other heating methods and their components.

Low Operation Cost

The operational cost can be as much as 90% lower than propane heaters. This provides our clients with savings throughout the life of their GeoThermal Symbiont unit. Another note on operation – GeoThermal is quiet. The second protective case on the unit acts as a sound deadening case.

Low Life Cycle Cost

Total life cycle costs are less due to the long life expectancy, years of serviceability and low operational costs. Even though GeoThermal may have higher initial costs, they have the lowest long-term overall lifecycle costs while achieving a reliable, comfortable pool temperature.

It’s Green

GeoThermal systems can often be built using all natural resources, like the fresh water lake behind your property.
“Disposal” water can be dropped in a lake, pond, river or creek- among other water sources abundant in Florida.

Consistent Energy-Efficiency

GeoThermal provides clean and safe energy using little land. GeoThermal also conserves fossil fuels and contributes to diversity in energy sources. GeoThermal benefits the local economy by avoiding the need to import components.

GeoThermal Customer MapThousands of satisfied installations!

Check out the testimonials and customer list on our website.

Contact Symbiont for an estimated return on investment when you Go Green with GeoThermal.

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Symbiont Joins Local Energy-Efficient Efforts

E|VESTEnergy efficiency is gaining traction in Southwest Florida and Symbiont is proud to be included in the local energy-conscious progress. Based off the long standing reputation of energy efficiency, Symbiont Service Corp. was recently invited to a Contractor Information and Training Workshop sponsored by the E|VEST Florida PACE Program. Symbiont’s President, Sandy King, attended the workshop on behalf of the company.

PACE Florida is a government-funded agency that allows for residential and commercial property owners to seek financing for certain energy efficient improvements.
The E|VEST Florida is a program platform developed by PACE Florida Funding Agency. E|VEST is the tool with which property owners can find financing options when implementing energy efficient, renewable generation or wind mitigation improvements to their properties.
Charlotte Desoto BIAFollowing the workshop, Symbiont formally joined the Charlotte DeSoto Building Industry Association (CDBIA).
Symbiont Service Corporation has also been authorized as a Participating Contactor in E|VEST Florida, a project funded by Florida PACE Agency Program.

Florida PaceSymbiont Service Corporation intends to do its first financing project with the PACE Program on “Building 2.”
Located in Charlotte County, Building 2 is located on the lot neighboring Symbiont offices. Building 2 will facilitate the expansion of Symbiont’s Headquarters in Englewood, Florida. With added parking, inventory storage and a show room available for touring, Symbiont will be able to better address the state-wide need for energy efficient Pool Heating and Air Conditioning.

All of the improvements and new construction efforts to Building 2 are going to be focused on energy-efficiency, coinciding with Symbiont business practices of remaining energy-conscious.

–Stay tuned to hear more about the specific improvements on Symbiont Building 2 and the funding through PACE for our newest commercial building in Charlotte County.

More information on PACE Florida Funding Agency: http://floridapace.gov
More information on the E|VEST Florida Platform: http://evestflorida.com

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Your Geothermal Pool: The Basics

Your Geothermal Pool: The BasicsGeothermal pools reduce energy costs significantly, while still providing all the comfort and performance that conventional pool heating systems offer, making them well worth the investment. Read More »

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Geothermal Systems: Frequently Asked Questions

Geothermal Systems: Frequently Asked QuestionsGeothermal systems have been getting more and more attention in recent years as a boon for the environment, as well as providing a cost-effective way of heating and cooling your home. But many homeowners have questions about the technology that powers these systems, so if you are interested in geothermal heating and cooling, you should take the time to educate yourself.
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A Professional Energy Evaluation Will Show You How To Keep Your Cool

A Professional Energy Evaluation Will Show You How To Keep Your CoolThe residents of Florida’s Suncoast know how important their cooling system is, especially when battling searing temperatures. Unfortunately, trying to keep cool during the summer months can take a toll on your monthly budget when your home is not as energy efficient as possible. Fortunately, a home energy evaluation can help lower your cooling costs and keep your HVAC unit running efficiently. Read More »

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Tips On How To Tell When It’s Time To Replace Your Air Conditioner

Tips On How To Tell When It's Time To Replace Your Air ConditionerThere are several telltale signs to look for if you’re wondering whether you should replace your air conditioner. While it may be tempting simply to repair your existing unit, it is often cheaper in the long run to get a new air conditioner. A unit that is already beginning to show signs of failure will often need more and more repairs, which forces you to spend money that you could have allocated to a new, more efficient model that will also help to lower your cooling costs.
Read More »

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The Best Geothermal Installation Options Depend On Your Site

The Best Geothermal Installation Options Depend On Your SiteGeothermal heating and cooling can provide many benefits for Florida homeowners. Before you can benefit from a geothermal system, though, it must first be installed. The short-term installation expense dissuades some homeowners from making the investment, despite the long-term savings (and the 30 percent federal tax credit on purchase and installation costs). However, you can limit your investment, and maximize your return, by choosing the right geothermal installation option for your home’s site. And Florida’s geology and abundance of water allow residents to use some of the most cost-effective geothermal installation options available.

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A 7-Point Geothermal Installation Checklist For A Job Well Done

A 7-Point Geothermal Installation Checklist For A Job Well DoneGeothermal heating and cooling systems provide one of the most efficient ways to heat and cool your home or pool. However, because it’s so different from conventional heating and cooling methods, some homeowner shy away from it. By understanding the seven-point geothermal installation process, you will gain greater appreciation for this outstandingly efficient way to keep your Florida home comfortable all year round.

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