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Does your pool feel like bathwater?

Did you know that geothermal systems can cool your pool in the summer and help beat the heat? For an estimate and/or more information on a new GeoThermal pool heating/cooling system.

Enter our Dinner On Us Contest for a chance to win a $50 gift certificate to Bonefish Grill. This contest is open to any resident in the state of Florida and is not sponsored by Bonefish Grill.

Enter below.

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Symbiont Service Team Member Appointed To CFHLA

Symbiont Service Team Member Appointed To CFHLA 

Holly HowarthHolly Howarth, a long-time member of our staff has been appointed to the Central Florida Hotel, Timeshare & Lodging Association (CFHLA) as an Allied Member of The Month for September 2016.

“We’re very proud of Holly for receiving this honor,” Rick Krieger, director of finance said.

She was appointed an Allied Member of the Month “in recognition of prior participation on our committees and for commitment to the goals and objectives of the Association.” Read More »

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What does winter mean for your pool?

Tuesday December 22nd was the shortest day of the year, and marks the beginning of the winter season for 2015- but what does that mean for your pool?

While Florida is deemed the “sunshine state,” the winter months issue shorter days and fewer hours of sunlight.

That said, Solar Pool Heating becomes obsolete in the winter months. The days are too short to collect enough solar energy to get your heater performing up to standard. So through the winter months, Solar Pool heating needs to be backed-up with a conventional system in order to maintain desirable pool temperatures. Months of convention system use is costly and burns fossil fuels, sacrificing energy efficiency and the winter swimming poolintegrity promised with solar.

GeoThermal systems are not affected by outdoor air temperatures, nor do hours of viable sunlight limit their efficiency. Instead, GeoThermal utilizes Florida’s underground aquifers, which maintain a consistent temperature year-round.

GeoThermal will perform through the winter season, even on the shortest day of the year, just as well as it performs in the summer months. GeoThermal is the ONLY pool heating method that does not need a backup in order to maintain desired pool temperatures. It is an independent system that delivers the energy efficiency, integrity and performance Florida pool owners are looking for.

Florida will be experiencing high tourism through this holiday season, don’t be caught without a viable pool simply because the water is too cool for comfort.

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You Can Afford GeoThermal

Stacked Heat PumpsGood news, GeoThermal is cost-competitive!
It is most important to consider how you can benefit from investing in GeoThermal.

Long Lift Expectany

With proper maintenance Symbiont’s GeoThermal customers should expect to get 15-20 years of service during the life cycle of the heater.

Why? Symbionts don’t have coils that are exposed to the air (which may have corrosive salt/chlorine in it) like Air Source Heat Pumps and they don’t have burners/heat exchangers that are exposed to the air. Symbiont units are double-protected, not only does the whole system have a painted aluminum shell but the compressor has an additional protective case around it and the coils have a thick composite case around it. 20 years in a normal environment far exceeds the life expectancy of other heating methods and their components.

Low Operation Cost

The operational cost can be as much as 90% lower than propane heaters. This provides our clients with savings throughout the life of their GeoThermal Symbiont unit. Another note on operation – GeoThermal is quiet. The second protective case on the unit acts as a sound deadening case.

Low Life Cycle Cost

Total life cycle costs are less due to the long life expectancy, years of serviceability and low operational costs. Even though GeoThermal may have higher initial costs, they have the lowest long-term overall lifecycle costs while achieving a reliable, comfortable pool temperature.

It’s Green

GeoThermal systems can often be built using all natural resources, like the fresh water lake behind your property.
“Disposal” water can be dropped in a lake, pond, river or creek- among other water sources abundant in Florida.

Consistent Energy-Efficiency

GeoThermal provides clean and safe energy using little land. GeoThermal also conserves fossil fuels and contributes to diversity in energy sources. GeoThermal benefits the local economy by avoiding the need to import components.

GeoThermal Customer MapThousands of satisfied installations!

Check out the testimonials and customer list on our website.

Contact Symbiont for an estimated return on investment when you Go Green with GeoThermal.

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Pool Water Too Warm In The Summer?

It’s summer, but people aren’t flocking to the pool, as you would expect in Florida. If you want answers, first ask yourself – is my pool too warm?

Pools need temperature regulation, even in the hot Florida summers.
Remember, while 75 ̊ F air feels comfortable, 75 ̊ F water feels cold.

GeoThermal heat pumps use a water-to-water transfer cycle to cool pools, and water transfers are proven to cool more effectively than air. Lake temperatures are more consistent than air temperature, while wells have a constant temperature. Fortunately, water sources are abundant and widely available in Florida.

In a GeoThermal system, in the cooling mode, the pool water passes through an evaporator coil where the heat is removed by the refrigerant. The heated refrigerant is then carried to the source water condenser coil where the heat is transferred to the source water.

GeoThermal heat pumps “transfer heat” as opposed to the “heat generation” of traditional heating and cooling methods. GeoThermal boasts energy efficient operation, while also outperforming traditional heating and cooling methods.

With GeoThermal, you will feel good about cooling your pool for the summer months.

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Featured Project: Oasis at Championsgate in Kissimmee – Part 2

Oasis at Championsgate Kissimmee PoolFor the Oasis at Championsgate Kissimmee project, SSC was subcontracted by Weller Pools, LLC.

Weller Pools bid on the plan for the project and called on SSC when they saw the owner was committed to GeoThermal.

Terry Cicchella, a Pool Heating Consultant at SSC, considers SSC to have a great relationship with Weller Pools. Both companies, he said, are timely, organized and reliable. Terry was particularly pleased in committing to another contract with Weller Pools because he knew they would stay on schedule with the project.

Another reason Weller Pools chose SSC? They know Symbiont’s Service Team will always be there to maintain proper performance for the system. Symbiont’s Service Team specializes in GeoThermal Servicing, and they are quick to make any necessary repairs or adjustments to ensure customers’ heating and cooling needs are met. Symbiont prides itself on exceptional customer service in every department.

Click hear to read Part 1Click hear to read Part 3

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Featured Project: Oasis at Championsgate in Kissimmee – Part 1

Symbiont Serivce Corp installed a GeoThermal Heating System for a large Lazy River, Resort Pool and Spa.

How did Symbiont get chosen to design the pool heating system for large Lazy River, Resort Pool and Spa for Oasis at Championsgate in Kissimmee?

Oasis at Championsgate EntranceUsually engineers around the state design City, County and University pools then they will call Terry Cicchella, a Pool Heating Consultant at SSC, to design a system according to their plans. That being said, usually the engineer drives the process and involves SSC after deciding GeoThermal is the right choice.

In the case of the Oasis at Championsgate project, the owner decided on GeoThermal from the start and included the energy efficient method of pool heating in the original design. Then, the project engineer contacted Terry who was then put in touch with the pool designer. From the beginning, GeoThermal was in the plans for the Oasis at Championsgate pool and spa.

But … why Symbiont?

Heatpumps at Oasis at Championsgate

10 units for the Lazy River and 6 units for the Resort Pool provide comfortable warm water year around.

Lennar, a nationwide developer, trusts Symbiont Service Corporation to get the job done and save their clients’ money.

SSC has done a number of projects for Lennar management, including one right around the corner from Oasis at Championsgate. Another SSC and Lennar community collaboration fostered huge savings! Once spending over $80,000 annually on a gas heating system, one Lennar community ended up saving over $60,000 a year with their GeoThermal system from Symbiont Service Corporation.

The Oasis pool is an example of one owner understanding the growing trend of GeoThermal. If saving money and energy efficiency are important to you, contact Terry (terry@symbiontservice.com) or visit our GeoThermal Pool Heating page for more information about implementing a GeoThermal system in your next project.

Click hear to read Part 2

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We made it onto the radio again!

WSRQ GeoThermal DiscussionAre you not quite sure if GeoThermal is right for you? Lee Howell, CAM Manager, and Sandy King, President, discussed on WSRQ Sarasota Talk Radio last Saturday how you can save money by switching to our GeoThermal solutions.

Don’t worry if you have missed the show. We have it available for you.

Read More »

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Controlling Mold In Your Florida Home

Controlling Mold In Your Florida HomeMold is a normal and common part of our natural surroundings. When mold invades our homes, however, it becomes an aggravation and a potential danger to our health. Controlling mold in your home is vital to keeping this nuisance from getting out of control. Read More »

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Geothermal Pool Heating: Learn All You Need To Know With These FAQs

Geothermal Pool Heating: Learn All You Need To Know With These FAQsGeothermal pool heating has taken the lead as a clean, environmentally sustainable alternative heat source for swimming pools and spas. Using the year-round consistent temperature of groundwater in lakes and aquifer wells, geothermal energy keeps pool and spa water warm without combustion or the inherent inefficiencies of a gas-fired heater. It produces no CO2 gases and employs long-lasting, low-maintenance equipment. Read More »

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