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Is Your Solar System Working?

Is Your Solar System Working?  That may sound like an odd question, right? If the sun is shining, it’s probably working? In a

is your solar system working properly

sense, yes but the solar system and geothermal professionals from Symbiont Service Corp know there is more to a properly working solar system than that.

How can you tell if your solar system is operating at its optimal efficiency and effectiveness? Schedule an inspection of the system to assure your system is still saving you money, helping the environment and operating effectively.

Is Your Solar System Working?

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Seeking Energy Efficiency? Geothermal Is Key

If you’re seeking energy efficiency, geothermal is key for homeowners in the Englewood, Florida area.

What is geothermal technology?

It’s been around since the mid-1850s, and has been available commercially for use in homes and businesses since the 1940s. The geothermal professionals from Symbiont Service Corp say there are more than one million units in use today. Geothermal heat pump technology has been proven to be among the most energy-efficient and reliable HVAC systems on the market today. Read More »

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Save Money On Home Energy Costs

Saving money is something that every homeowner and swimming pool owner we talk to mentions as a number one priority. When our experienced geo-thermal service contractors pay a home visit, we want to do what we can to help you achieve home comfort in an energy efficient manner. Save money on home energy costs while keeping everyone who lives in the home happy and comfortable is doable — if you take a few simple steps.

You don’t have to give up comfort to save money, nor do you (or should you) have to spend inordinate amounts of money in order to be comfortable, whether it’s summer, fall, winter or spring. We know that you don’t have to sacrifice savings for comfort nor do you have to worry that every dollar you save will bring someone in the home physical discomfort. Read More »

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Do You Have The Right A/C Unit For Your Home?

Have you ever wondered, “Do you have the right A/C unit for your home?” It’s a question our experienced HVAC contractors get asked all the time. Many Florida homeowners feel that “bigger is better” when it comes to the size of the air conditioning unit for their homes, but that isn’t necessariliy the case. In some instances “bigger” means it’s costing you more money to operate, but is not necessarily cooling your home any better than a smaller, fit-to-your house size would.

Do You Have The Right A/C Unit For Your Home?

The answer to the “correct size” air conditioning unit for your home isn’t as simple as it may seem. Homeowners, and even some HVAC contractors, use a rule of thumb calculation to determine what size A/C unit to install. This rule of thumb includes essentially calculating the square footage of the house then looking for a unit that shows it will cool a home of that square footage. It’s essentially guesswork and it’s guesswork that could cause your utility bills to be higher than they need to be. Read More »

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Is It Time To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Is It Time To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit? There will come a time when you will need to replace the air conditioning unit in your home, but until then you may be wondering whether you should repair it or if it needs to be replaced. It can be a conundrum because it is not an inexpensive undertaking.

Is It Time To Replace Your Air Conditioning Unit?

Making a decision on whether to repair your air conditioning unit again or to replace it, you need to ask the professional who pays the service visit: Read More »

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Are Your Ducts Sealed?

Are Your Ducts Sealed? Symbiont Service Corp professionals explain its importance 

Have you ever wondered, “are your ducts sealed?” Not many people do, but whether you live in the sunny climate of Florida or the chilly climate of New York you need to think about whether the ducts in your home are sealed. Why? Whether it’s a hot day or a cold day, if the ducts in your home aren’t properly sealed you are paying to heat or cool your home and that warm or cooled air is slipping out through unsealed ducts.

The next time you look at your heating or cooling bill and gasp in horror — especially if you’re never warm or cold enough — it’s time to call on the services of Symbiont and its technicians to inspect your home’s ductwork.

Are Your Ducts Sealed?

A leaking portion of ductwork can be miniscule — one so small that without a trained eye you wouldn’t even notice it. Even the smallest leak in the ductwork can mean you’re losing up to 25% of the air you have heated or cooled and that can certainly add up — as you’re well aware when you open your heating or cooling bill! The best way to determine whether your home is to have a home energy test or to hire a professional contractor to perform a ductwork inspection. A professional geothermal specialist from Symbiont Service Corp can locate and fix any leaks or cracks in the ductwork. Keep in mind that many of these leaking elements are nestled behind walls or in the ceiling.ductwork sealing

A professional contractor will locate and repair the leaking elements and you will be on your way to a cooled or heated home and a lower energy bill because you’ve had the leaking ductwork repaired.

Potential health hazard

Losing money on heated or cooled air is one of the concerns with leaking ductwork. Another concern is that gas appliances including the furnace and dryer can release harmful gases into the home. If the ductwork is not properly seaked, harmful fumes could be pulled into the ducts (that’s called a back-draft) and could push those fumes throughout the home. Breathing in those fumes are harmful and could lead to health issues.

If you have never had your ductwork inspected and aren’t certain whether you have any leaking ducts, give Symbiont Service Corp a call and we can schedule an onsite visit to help you determine the potential for any risks with leaking ductwork.

Our goal is to educate customers about energy and home comfort issues (specific to HVAC systems).  For information, click here and download our free Home Comfort Resource guide.

Symbiont Service Corp. serves Englewood, Florida and the surrounding areas. To get started, check out our website.

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Benefits Of An Air Conditioner Inspection

Benefits Of An Air Conditioner Inspection

Summer may be a distant memory, but as anyone who lives in Florida knows, it will be back and you will want to be certain your home is going to be cool throughout the heat and humidity of a Florida summer. The benefits of an air conditioner inspection are many and there is no reason not to schedule one right now. Scheduling an air conditioner inspection with the professionals from Symbiont Service Corp means you can get on their calendar now, have the unit inspected and have no worries when summer makes its way back into the area. Read More »

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Energy Saving Tips For Homeowners

Energy savings is part of what the geothermal professionals at Symbiont Service Corp have focused on and worked with customers to achieve. Symbiont Service Corp professionals work offer energy saving tips for homeowners based on federal Energy Star information.

Energy Saving Tips For Homeowners Read More »

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Pool Water Too Warm In The Summer?

It’s summer, but people aren’t flocking to the pool, as you would expect in Florida. If you want answers, first ask yourself – is my pool too warm?

Pools need temperature regulation, even in the hot Florida summers.
Remember, while 75 ̊ F air feels comfortable, 75 ̊ F water feels cold.

GeoThermal heat pumps use a water-to-water transfer cycle to cool pools, and water transfers are proven to cool more effectively than air. Lake temperatures are more consistent than air temperature, while wells have a constant temperature. Fortunately, water sources are abundant and widely available in Florida.

In a GeoThermal system, in the cooling mode, the pool water passes through an evaporator coil where the heat is removed by the refrigerant. The heated refrigerant is then carried to the source water condenser coil where the heat is transferred to the source water.

GeoThermal heat pumps “transfer heat” as opposed to the “heat generation” of traditional heating and cooling methods. GeoThermal boasts energy efficient operation, while also outperforming traditional heating and cooling methods.

With GeoThermal, you will feel good about cooling your pool for the summer months.

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Geothermal Heating And Cooling Helps You Go Green

Geothermal Heating And Cooling Helps You Go GreenIn the average household in the United States, where home heating and cooling accounts for almost 50 percent of monthly energy expenditures, geothermal heating and cooling could be an option. Homeowners who want to go green and do their part to conserve natural resources and help the environment have a credible alternative in geothermal heating and cooling. Read More »

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