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Tips For Upgrading Attic Insulation To Lower Your Home’s Cooling Load

Tips For Upgrading Attic Insulation To Lower Your Home's Cooling LoadOne of the most neglected areas in home heating and cooling is the attic. Energy loss due to heat transfer through poor attic insulation can be as high as 25 percent. Considering that heating and cooling can account for up to 70 percent of all utility costs for a home, the energy loss can be substantial. Properly insulating your attic space will result in short term gains in energy savings and long term gains in extended heating and cooling system lifespan. Read More »

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5 Easy Ways To Allergy-Proof Your Florida Home In Spring

The air inside your home can contain 10 times more allergy-inducing particles than the air found outdoors. This creates an uncomfortable and unpleasant home environment. But with these five easy ways to allergy-proof your Florida home, you will increase your indoor air quality and improve your overall health. Read More »

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Degree Days: HVAC Contractors Use Them In Their Calculations, And You Can Too

Figuring “degree days” is helpful in tracking energy consumption in your home. The concept helps keep track of how many degrees you cool down or warm up your home and can be averaged over a month, allowing comparisons to other months or other years.

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The SEER Rating And The Energy Star Label: Look For Them When You’re Buying Your New A/C

In Florida, our A/C systems work overtime a large part of the year. Eventually, even the most reliable air conditioner needs to be replaced. If you’re in that situation, or you think you will be in the near future, you’ll need to keep some factors in mind as you look for a new system.

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Your Contractor Will Tailor Your New A/C To Your Home’s Specific Requirements — Here’s How

How much air conditioning does your Florida home need?

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Air Conditioner Hit Rock Bottom? Use These Replacement Questions

Air-conditioning is crucial for comfort during the summers in Englewood and the surrounding areas, where temperatures may reach over 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The strain on HVAC systems can be enormous, and breakdowns, remodeling, or lifestyle changes can lead to the necessity of air-conditioner replacement.

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Know What’s Involved In A Professional Energy Evaluation

Many homeowners are interested in making their home more energy efficient but have no idea where to begin. Because our hot and muggy Florida climate means our air conditioners work much harder than those in other parts of the country, it’s vital to make sure our homes are as energy efficient as possible. 

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