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How To Benefit From Solar Power

How To Benefit From Solar Power

The sun shines so brightly and so frequently in Florida that it makes sense to consider solar power, right? If you’re wondering how to benefit from solar power, know that becoming ecologically aware is a hot topic for many swimming pool owners. Homeowners who run air conditioners in Florida (and any part of the country) also understand the benefits of solar technology for both heating and cooling.

There are solar energy-assisted air conditioners on the market for residential homeowners and the geothermal energy professionals from Symbiont Services Corp are your go-to source for this innovative technology.

What is a solar energy-assisted air conditioner? 

solar energy assisted air conditioning
These units employ a combination of solar power cells and traditional electricity to operate the air conditioning unit. When the sun is shining the solar power cells are charged and will then power the unit to cool your house. When the sun isn’t shining, or when the solar energy cells need to recharge, the unit switches back to traditional electricity to do the job. Many homeowners see a drastic decrease in home utility bills for cooling when using solar energy-assisted air conditioners.

You may not even have to replace your existing air conditioner in order to take advantage of solar energy assisted technologies. In many cases the specialized solar panels can be linked to your existing unit. You’ll find these units are less costly than whole-house air conditioning replacements. Solar energy-assisted air conditioners are quiet, reliable and as efficient as traditional electricity to cool your home. Read More »

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Weighing the Initial Cost of a GeoThermal Installation Against Long-Term Savings

Weighing the Initial Cost of a Geothermal Installation Against Long-Term SavingsYou may have heard how efficiently a GeoThermal installation operates and how long it lasts. But at the same time, its larger upfront costs may have put you off, preventing you from further investigating a geothermal system. While GeoThermal generally requires a sizable investment to purchase and install it, once it’s installed, it will pay you back for many years to come. Read More »

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Other Tax Credits Have Expired, But Not Those For Geothermal

Other Tax Credits Have Expired, But Not Those For GeothermalGeothermal is the most efficient energy source available to homeowners in the United States. That’s a sweeping statement, but the facts back it up — and now the tax credits do, too. For every four units of energy a geothermal installation delivers, it consumes one unit of electricity. With a 400 percent efficiency rating, geothermal far surpasses conventional electricity and gas or even green alternatives like solar. Read More »

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